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Electrochemical C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Module FS00703

  • Multiple samples can be tested at one time, no need to await
  • Electro-chemical sensor
  • Outstanding anti-interference
  • Pump Suction Alcohol Test Sensor
  • Temperature compensation
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

Electrochemical C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Module FS00703 Introduction

FS00703A is a fuel cell type electrochemical sensor that works by the oxidation and reduction reactions on the working electrode and counter electrode, releasing charges to form a current. The magnitude of the current generated is proportional to the concentration of alcohol and follows Faraday’s law. By testing the magnitude of the current, the alcohol concentration can be determined. FS00703A uses a stable pumping method to extract and detect gas, which solves the problems of slow response speed, long wait time for repeated detection, and susceptibility to gas interference in conventional free diffusion sensors. It is widely used in pre-job testing, drunk driving warning, vehicle equipment, smart homes, and other special occasions.

Electrochemical C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Module FS00703 Features

1.Multiple sample repeat detection does not require waiting.


2.Detection range

Default: 0~500mg/100ml (Blood alcohol concentration (BAC))

Optional: 0~500ppm (Gas alcohol concentration)


3.High accuracy, high consistency, high solution

Data detection accuracy: ≤10% reading

Minimum solution: 0.001 mg/m³

Batch consistency: ≥90%


4.Long service life:

The lifetime is up to 2 years (in the air)


5.High detection frequency

The data updates once per second by default.


1.Alcohol tester, instrumentation
2.Vehicle equipment, drunk driving warning
3.Hospitals, schools and other public places
4.Pre-job inspection, security inspection and fire protection


Parameter type

Parameter index

Detection Type

Alcohol Gas

Detection Range

Default:0~500mg/100ml (Blood alcohol concentration)


Optional:0~500ppm (Gas alcohol concentration)

Interference Gas

Acetic acid、CO

Detection Accuracy

Min Solution

0.01 mg/100ml or 0.01ppm


Data Accuracy

≤10% Reading

Operation Voltage

DC 3.7V~6.0V

Operation Current

≤200mA (@5V power supply)

Warm-up Time

3 min

Detection Frequency

The data is updated once per second (Default)

Output Methods

Default Output

UART (3.3V_TTL Voltage level)



Service Life

2 Years (in the air)

Reference Dimension

90.5×32.0x13.6 mm

Operation Temperature

-10℃~ 60℃

Operation Humidity

15%RH~99%RH (Non-Condensation)

Storage Temperature

-20℃~ 70℃

Storage Humidity

0~99%RH (Non-Condensation)

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