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SF6 Sensor

Model Number Model Detection Range Communication Method Product Size Product Features
FS00803 0~1500ppm
140.4×134.5×45.3 mm
  • The detector can simultaneously detect six fluoride sulfur, oxygen and ozone.
  • The detection type can be selected to match different customers’ needs.
  • Long service life with long-term stable performance.
  • Strong environmental adaptability, suitable for use in special environments.
FS02102 0~1500ppm (expandable)
Modbus, DAC (0.4V~2V)
  • NDIR principle applied
  • High sensitive, high accuracy
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy shell
  • Anti-interference
  • Dual-channel, high long-term accuracy data with no drift
  • Excellent linear output
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation