Industiral Security


Industrial gas detectors are instruments used in the industrial field for continuous monitoring and detection of harmful gases and vapors, producing audible and visual alarms to alert personnel of the danger. They effectively prevent incidents of poisoning, ensuring the safety of workers’ lives and the protection of production equipment from damage. These gases and vapors may be flammable or toxic substances. Toxic and harmful gas sensors are suitable for use with portable and fixed detectors in places such as toxic gas leak emergency response, underground pipelines, metallurgy, power plants, chemical plants, tunnels, and mines.

Common toxic and harmful gases can be divided into two categories based on their toxicity: irritant gases and suffocating gases.

Irritant gases: Chlorine gas, ammonia gas, hydrogen fluoride, methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide.

Suffocating gases: Nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.

Industrial gas detection uses a variety of sensor technologies, such as electrochemical sensors, catalytic bead combustion sensors, infrared combustion sensors, photovoltaic ionization (PID) sensors, each with their unique detection characteristics that can be selected based on the target gas to be detected.

Fushen provides a range of gas detection systems from portable and handheld devices to custom-made, intelligent, multi-gas fixed detection systems that can monitor more than 60 different types of gases to ensure a safe and healthy environment for customers.

Industiral Security Applications
Industrial gas

Industrial toxic gas alarm

Industrial gas larm

Industrial combustible gas alarm

infrared alarm

Infrared alarm

household gas alarm

Household gas alarm

Downhole gas alarm

Underground gas alarm