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MEMS gas sensor

Model Number Model Detection Range Communication Method Product Size Product Features
FS00603 0~5000μg/m³
UART (3.3V_TTL level)
17.8×15.2×2.9 mm
  • Long service life and good stability.
  • Waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof.
  • Factory calibrated.
  • Constant power design with low power consumption.
  • High cost-effectiveness.
FS00602 0~5000μg/m³
UART (3.3V_TTL Voltage level)
17.8×15.2×2.7 mm
  • TVOC sensor module
  • Semiconductor sensor
  • MEMS hotplate technology
  • Calibrated before leaving factory
  • Waterproof, oilproof, dustproof
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation
FS00600B 1ppm~500ppm
  • MEMS TVOC Sensor
  • Ethanol, formaldehyde, toluene detection sensor
  • Simple driving circuit, good stability and long life
  • Small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, fast response recovery
  • Firm structure, shock resistance
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation