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Infrared combustible gas sensor

Infrared combustible gas sensor Among combustible gas detectors, in addition to the Catalytic gas Sensor, the most commonly used one is the Infrared combustible gas sensor. Regardless of the brand of infrared sensor used to detect combustible gas, its principle is the same.   When the gas enters the sensor,

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What is a co sensor on a generator

What is a co sensor on a generator People need to breathe every day, taking in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is naturally produced by the body, and research shows that exhaling high levels of carbon monoxide increases the risk of stroke. At present, many families have portable

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PID sensor for voc detection

PID sensor for voc detection Regarding the monitoring and management of VOCs, national control is becoming increasingly strict. In recent years, my country has issued a series of monitoring standards and specifications in the field of VOCs monitoring, in which technologies such as gas chromatography, FID and PID are proposed

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