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Industrial PID TVOC Sensor FS4PIDTVOC (7)

PID detector principle

PID detector principle Structure of PID detector The PID detector consists of a UV lamp, a sensor housing, a light window, a filter membrane, electrodes, a circuit, etc. The vacuum glass cavity is filled with high-purity rare gases such as inert gases. The vacuum glass cavity is filled with high-purity

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What is hcho air quality

What is hcho air quality?

What is hcho air quality? HCHO, or formaldehyde, is a common indoor air pollutant. In many cases, people use air quality detectors to monitor indoor air quality, of which HCHO is an important indicator. However, it is important for the user to know how to properly use an air quality

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Industrial Infrared propane (Refrigerant) Sensor (6)

Refrigerant leakage and detection

Refrigerant leakage and detection What is refrigerant Refrigerant is also known as refrigerant, Freon, etc.; it is a working substance that circulates continuously in a refrigeration system and achieves refrigeration through changes in its own state. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled medium (water or air, etc.) vaporizes

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