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Temperature & Humidity Sensor FS00102

  • Detect temperature and humidity
  • Waterproof and dustproof with triple-sealed design
  • Support MODBUS-RS485, 4-20mA、0-5V、0-10VSwitching signal
  • Reliable detection and sensitive response
  • Stable signal and high accuracy
  • Suitable for various harsh environments
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

Temperature & Humidity Sensor FS00102 Introduction

The product adopts industrial grade chip, high-precision imported SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. Using RS485 hardware interface (with lightning protection design), the protocol layer is compatible with standard industrial Modbus-Rtu protocol. This product integrates the MODBUS protocol and the common protocol. The user can choose the communication protocol. The common protocol has an automatic upload function (connecting RS485 through the serial port adjustment tool will automatically output temperature and humidity).

Temperature & Humidity Sensor FS00102 Features

1.Detection range:

Temperature: -40℃ – 60℃(-104℉ – 160℉)

Humidity: 0-80%RH


2.Data output modes

Default: MODBUS-485


3.High accuracy, rapid response

Temperature: ±0.5℃(25℃)

Humidity: ±3%RH


4.Long term stable data

Temperature: ≤0.1℃/year

Humidity: ≤1%RH/year


5.Fire-resistant material

It is covered by ABS Fire-resistant material


6.Waterproof and dustproof with triple-sealed design

The FS00102has triple-sealed design which is waterproof, dustproof that can tolerate any harsh weather, water proof rating is IP65.


1.Communication base station, equipment cabinet, computer room
2.Archives, warehouses, libraries
3.Hotel, hotel, basement
4.Schools, hospitals, supermarkets, subways
5.Industrial workshops, production parks, etc.




Product Name

Temperature and Humidity Transmiter

Power Supply 


Output method

RS485 Signal


Modbus RTU

Mailing Address

1~254 can be set,  default 1

Baud Rate


Temperature Range


Humidity Range


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Accuracy


Temperature Resolution


Humidity Resolution


Device Power Consumption




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