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Semiconductor Methane Sensor FS01200A

  • CH4 Gas Sensor
  • Semiconductor Gas Sensor  
  • Outstanding anti-interference
  • Anti-alcohol and anti-smoke
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Semiconductor Methane Sensor FS01200A Introduction

The sensitive part of the gas sensor is sintered with nano SnO2 powder and an appropriate amount of catalyst doping. It is embedded with heating wire and metal electrodes. When trace amounts of methane gas appear in the air, the conductivity of the sensor will increase. The amount of change in conductivity increases with the concentration of methane gas, and the sensor can sense the methane concentration in the air by the magnitude of the conductivity change. FS01200A is a semiconductor-based methane sensor probe that is highly sensitive to polluting gases. It uses a multi-layer thick film manufacturing process to form a heater and a metal oxide semiconductor gas-sensitive layer on both sides of a miniature ceramic substrate, which are led out by electrode leads and packaged in a TO-5 metal shell.

Semiconductor Methane Sensor FS01200A Features

1.Detection range

Default: 300-10000PPM


2.High accuracy, high consistency, high solution, rapid response


3.Anti-alcohol and anti-smoke


4.Long service life

The lifetime is up to 2 years (in the air)


5.High detection frequency

The data updates once per second by default.


1.Gas detectors, instruments and meters
2.Household, factory, commercial combustible gas leak detection equipment
3.Fire prevention and safety monitoring equipment
4.Combustible gas leak alarm


Eletrical Parameter

Technological Specification

Package Standard

Metal TO-05

Detection Gas

Methane, Natural gas

Detection Range

300-10000ppm(Methane、Natural ga)

Standard circuit

Heating Voltage


5.0V±0.1V ACorDC

Circuit Voltage


≤24V  DC

Load resistance



Standard Testing Condition

Heater resistance


55Ω±15Ω(Room Temperature)

Heater power consumption



Sensing element resistance


1KΩ-20KΩ(in 5000ppm Methane)



Rs(in air)/Rs(5000ppm Methane)≥5

Concentration slope


≤0.8(R5000ppm/R3000ppm Methane)

Standard Testing




Warm-up Time

≥48 hours

Standard test circuit

Vc:5.0V±0.1V; VH:5.0V±0.1V


Oxygen Concentration

21% (Not less than 18%, oxygen concentration can affect the sensor’s initial value, sensitivity, and repeatability. Consult the manufacturer before using at low oxygen concentrations).



10 years

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