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Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00306

  • High accuracy detection
  • Solid electrolyte principle
  • Reliable stability
  • Water-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Calibrated before leaving factory
  • 10 years service life
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00306​ Introduction

FS00306 is a sensor used to monitor carbon dioxide concentrations. Based on the principle of solid electrolyte, it fundamentally solves the problem of infrared carbon dioxide sensors being easily affected by water vapor interference, and has characteristics such as high stability and strong environmental adaptability. It is particularly suitable for special environments such as agricultural greenhouses, breeding ponds, tunnels, and mines.

Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00306​ Features

1.Extendable Detection Range

400~5000ppm (Extendable to 10000ppm)


2.High professional detection accuracy and high consistency

400~5000ppm: ±(50+3% reading)

400~10000ppm: ±(0% reading)

The consistency of batch data ≥90%


3.Water vapor resistant

The sensor is resistant to water vapor interference and environmental tolerance.


4.The sensor has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.


5.The CO2 sensor has long service life

The lifetime is up to 10 years


1.Agricultural greenhouses, animal husbandry
2.Outdoor air quality monitoring, mines, industrial workshops
3.Portable Instruments
4.Fresh air ventilation system, air conditioner
5.Hospitals, hotels, schools and other public places


Parameters Technical Specifications
Detection Gas CO2
Detection Range 400~5000ppm (Extendable to 10000ppm)
Solution 1ppm
Detection Accuracy 400~5000ppm: ±(50+3% reading)
400~10000ppm: ±10% reading
The consistency of batch data ≥90%
Operation Voltage DC 4.5V~5.5V
Operation Current 100mA (@5V Power supply)
Warm-up Time 3min
Detection Frequency The data updates once per second (Default)
Output Methods Default Output UART (3.3V_TTL Voltage level)
Service Life 10 years (in the air)
Reference Size 17.8×20.6×15.4 mm

Environment Parameters

Technical Specifications

Operation Temperature


Operation Humidity

15%RH~95% RH (Non Condensation)

Storage Temperature

-10℃~ 50℃

Storage Humidity

0~99% RH (Non Condensation)

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