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Air quality monitoring station FS00807

  • Can integrate 10 types of sensors at the same time
  • Easy to install and supports wall-mounted installation
  • Flexible application, a variety of sensors free collocation
  • Accurate detection and sensitive response
  • Supports RS485 and LoraWan wireless communication
  • Support custom development


Air quality monitoring station, also known as air station. The function of air station is to sample, measure and analyse the pollutants present in the atmosphere and air in a fixed point, continuously or at regular intervals.FS00807 is an air quality detection product which integrates 10 kinds of sensors of Oxygen O2, PM2.5, PM10, Carbon monoxide CO, Carbon dioxide CO2, Hydrogen sulphide H2S, Methane CH4, Combustible gas EX, Temperature, Humidity and so on, which is made by Fosensor Yanfa. air quality detection products. Each type of environmental indicator uses a separate sensor probe. It has a compact design, small footprint, full functionality, stable performance, cost-effective, and supports RS485 and LoraWan wireless communication methods. Promote the development and application of environmental quality testing and IoT gas detection solutions.

Role of Air quality monitoring station

Air quality monitoring station FS00807 can monitor the air, generally in a key environmental protection city to set up a number of air stations, the station is installed with multi-parameter automatic monitoring instruments for continuous automatic monitoring, real-time storage of the monitoring results and analyse them to get the relevant data. The air quality monitoring station is the basic platform for air quality control and rational assessment of air quality, and is the infrastructure for air environment protection in a city.

Air quality monitoring station can help us to take into account the actual situation and formulate corresponding countermeasures, as well as regularly collect data on the emission of various pollutants and the total amount of changes, which can be used to assist in decision-making. All in all, the continuous development of air quality monitoring station helps us to better monitor the air quality.

Air quality monitoring station FS00807 Applications

1.Industrial field

Industrial production is one of the main sources of air pollution in the city, Air quality monitoring station can monitor the concentration of pollutants in the ambient air in real time during the production process of factories, including PM2.5, PM10, CO, SO2, NO2 and other harmful gases, to ensure that the production process does not produce a large number of pollutants, to protect the health of workers, and to reduce the risk of environmental protection. Reduce the environmental risk of the enterprise.

2.Airports, stations, docks and other places

Air quality monitoring stations can be set up at these sites to monitor changes in these pollutants and to monitor the impact on people living nearby. At the same time, the monitoring station can be set up at the exit of flights, high-speed trains and other means of transport, real-time monitoring of emissions.

3.Schools and public places

Schools and public places are places where people congregate and cross paths, and have relatively high demands on the air environment. Through the real-time monitoring of Air quality monitoring station, it is possible to find out whether the concentration of harmful gases in the air exceeds the standard in time, so as to strengthen the prevention and protect the health of teachers, students, staff and other people in the park.






O2, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2,  H2S, CH4, combustible gas EX, temperature, humidity, etc

Operating voltage

Local protocol

Alarm decibel


Indicator lamp

power indicator 1


communication indicator 1


fault indicator 1

Alarm threshold

High or low report (the threshold can be set locally or delivered on the platform)

Communication mode

LoraWan/ Modbus

Communication frequency band


Shell protection


Working temperature

-10 – 60℃

Working humidity

0%RH~95%RH (non-condensing)

Configuration interface


Local communication


Local protocol

Modbus RTU



Testing Range



Service Life





10 years





10 years




±10% reading





±10% reading






10 years




±10% reading

10 years

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