Gas detection meter for toxic, combustible and oxygen detection

Gas detection meter is a kind of instrument tool for detecting the concentration of many kinds of gases, which can convert the concentration of toxic and hazardous gases, flammable and explosive gases and oxygen into electrical signals of electronic equipment. The gas detection meter converts the physical or chemical signals collected by the gas sensor into electrical signals, and then rectifies and filters the above electrical signals through external circuits, and controls the corresponding modules through these processed signals to achieve the specific functions of gas detection.

Gas detection meter for toxic, combustible and oxygen detection is a multifunctional detection device, which can simultaneously detect a variety of different gases: oxygen (O2), combustible gases (LEL, e.g. methane (CH4)), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO). The core component of these detectors is the built-in sensors for different types of gases, each of which uses a specific sensing technique to detect the presence and concentration of the target gas. The inbuilt sensors can be changed to detect different gas concentrations.


So, what is a Gas detection meter and how does it work? What are their functions? How do they empower professionals and related fields? And how do we choose an instrument?

FS01301 (3)
Gas Sensor FS01301

Gas detection

Gas detection refers to the detection of certain hazardous or potentially hazardous gases to determine the base concentration and presence in order to protect human health and safety.

Gas Detection Technology

It is a technique to analyse a substance qualitatively and quantitatively by measuring the change in the amount of gas emitted or absorbed by the substance in a biochemical or chemical reaction.

4 Gas Detector FS11301

Instrument Selection

Can you recommend an easy-to-use and accurate multi-gas detection meter that is suitable for most measurement situations?

Gas detection meter is a very important equipment in industrial production process, which can help us to detect and monitor various gases generated in the production process to ensure the safety and stability of the production process. And among many Gas detection meters, 4 Gas Detector FS11301 from Fosensor is a very practical device which can detect four different gases at the same time to ensure the safety of the production process more comprehensively. It is very popular in the market because of its sensitive sensor, waterproof and explosion-proof, audible and visual alarms, and data storage.

4 Gas Detector FS11301 is the use of large-scale integrated circuit technology and advanced standard technological level of intelligent gas detector, the main detection of gases are hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, methane, suitable for portable rapid detection of a variety of gas concentrations, temperature and humidity measurements and exceed the standard alarm occasions.

The instrument adopts built-in pump suction detection method to achieve faster response, while the integrated water gas and dust filter prevents the sensor from being damaged due to water gas and dust entering the instrument, which can be used in high humidity and dusty environments. Plus the product shell is made of high-strength engineering plastics, high strength, feel good and waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, can be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, warehousing, home environment, air treatment, and other places that require continuous detection of flammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous gases.