SF6 gas monitoring system

What is sulfur hexafluoride gas? Why do we need to monitor it and what is so great about SF6 gas monitoring system?

SF6 gas monitoring system
SF6 gas monitoring system

Sulfur hexafluoride gas is a “double-edged sword”.

As we all know, the safe operation of power equipment is the basis of reliable power supply, and to make the power equipment operate safely, we have to mention sulfur hexafluoride gas.

Sulphur hexafluoride has excellent insulation, arc extinguishing performance, is widely used in the electric power industry, gas insulation medium, mainly used in gas-insulated metal-enclosed switches, gas-insulated closed insulated lines and other equipment, equivalent to the equipment of the “gas blood”.

Sulfur hexafluoride gas is also a “double-edged sword” after the leakage of sulfur hexafluoride, will lead to high-voltage power equipment cavity to produce a lot of fluoride, sulfide, these substances have intense toxicity, inhaled by people will produce similar cold, nausea and vomiting, skin allergies, fatigue and other adverse reactions, and damage to the human body’s respiratory system, the seriousness of which will lead to death. lead to death.

SF6 gas with its excellent insulation and arc extinguishing performance, in the power system has been widely used, almost become the medium voltage, high voltage and ultra-high voltage electrical equipment used in the only insulation and arc extinguishing medium. When the indoor switch using SF6 gas as insulation and arc-extinguishing medium leaks during use, the leaked SF6 gas and its decomposition will accumulate in the indoor low-level space, resulting in localized hypoxia and toxicity, posing a serious danger to the life safety of the staff entering the room, so it is very necessary to understand the indoor environmental conditions and ventilate the room in a timely manner.

Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of power facilities and the personal safety of power workers, it is necessary to install SF6 gas monitoring system in the power system.

FS01501 (5)
Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Gas Sensor Module FS01501

How does SF6 gas monitoring system monitor SF6 gas?

SF6 gas monitoring system is based on the current situation of the electric power system emphasizing on safety production, adopting highly stable O2 Sensor and SF6 Sensor, dual-beam, dual-wavelength non-dispersive infrared absorption spectrometry (NDIR) principle, used for continuous detection of O2 gas content and SF6 gas content in ambient air, and is designed and developed specifically for the protection of personal health and safety of indoor staff installed with SF6 equipment. The system is specially designed and developed to provide personal health and safety protection for indoor workers installed with SF6 equipment. The system can be widely used in SF6 switch rooms, combined appliance rooms (GIS rooms) and SF6 main transformer rooms of various voltage levels.

FS00803 (4)
SF6 and Oxygen Gas Detector FS00803

Functions of SF6 gas monitoring system

1.Gas concentration detection and display function:

Each sensor continuously detects and the host reads and displays the SF6 concentration at each monitoring point in the GIS room, and when the SF6 concentration exceeds the set alarm value, it will alarm and display the value.

2.Timing ventilation function:

The system can set the fan to start and stop at regular intervals every day to ensure that the switch room can be ventilated as needed every day.

3.Sound and light alarm function:

When the SF6 and O2 gas content in the environment of the GIS room exceeds the limit, an alarm sound and red light flashes.