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Industrial Dust Detector FS10201

  • Audio and visual alarm
  • High-precision dust sensor
  • 24V power supply
  • Automatic calibration
  • Explosion-proof alloy shell

Industrial Dust Detector FS10201 Introduction

The Industrial Dust Detector FS10201 continuously monitors and provides audio and visual alerts for combustible and toxic dust for 24 hours online. It not only controls the dust concentration in special occasions but also has an early warning function for dust leaks at dangerous sites, thus protecting lives and property safety at various sites in a timely manner. The industrial dust detector adopts imported sensors combined with high-speed and high-precision processing circuits, which have the advantages of stable signals, high accuracy, good repeatability, etc. It is also explosion-proof designed and suitable for various hazardous situations. The instrument outputs various standard signals that can be compatible with various alarm systems, PLC, DCS, and other control systems.

Industrial Dust Detector FS10201 Features

By adopting high-speed and high-precision processing circuits, the instrument can achieve fast and accurate measurements.


It has three-wire 4-20mA signal and RS485 digital signal output, which can communicate with the computer in real-time.


The on-site maintenance is very convenient, and the dust value can be displayed directly.


The intrinsically safe circuit and explosion-proof shell design make on-site maintenance safe, convenient, and quick.

Industrial Dust Detector FS10201 Application

1. Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy
2. Public places such as fire protection, electric power, ships, environmental protection, telecommunications, medical care, coal mines, etc.


Detection Type


Working Voltage


Protection Level






Default Output Mode

Modbus-RS485 or 4~20mA

Screen Display

Real-time measurement value of dust

Product Material

Aluminum alloy explosion-proof shell

Reference Size


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