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Industrial Gas Detector FS10201

  • Audio and visual alarm

  • High-precision dust sensor

  • 24V power supply

  • Automatic calibration

  • Explosion-proof alloy shell

Industrial Gas Detector FS10201 Introduction

Fixed gas concentration detectors can perform continuous 24-hour online detection and sound and light alarms on gas concentrations. They not only play a control role in controlling gas concentrations in special occasions but also have early warning functions for gas leaks at dangerous sites, protecting the lives and property safety of various on-site locations in a timely manner.

Fixed gas concentration detectors use imported sensors combined with high-speed and high-precision processing circuits, which have the advantages of stable signals, high accuracy, good repeatability, etc. They also have explosion-proof designs, making them suitable for various hazardous situations. The instrument outputs various standard signals and can be compatible with various alarm systems, PLCs, DCSs, and other control systems.

Industrial Gas Detector FS10201 Features

* Uses high-speed and high-precision processing circuits to achieve fast and accurate instrument measurement

* Three-wire 4-20mA signal and RS485 digital signal output, allowing real-time communication with a computer

* Extremely convenient for on-site maintenance

* Directly displays gas concentration values

* Intrinsically safe circuit and explosion-proof shell design ensure safety, convenience, and quick on-site maintenance.





Casing Material

Aluminum alloy explosion-proof enclosure


Protection Level



Machine Weight



Operating Temperature

-20~ 70

Operating Humidity

10~99%RH (Non-Condensing)


Screen Display Content

Real-time Measurement Concentration Value


Unit of Measurement

%LEL, %Vol or mol



4-20mAor RS485 Signal output


Operating Voltage



Reference Dimension



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