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MEMS TVOC Sensor FS00600B

  • MEMS TVOC Sensor
  • Ethanol, formaldehyde, toluene detection sensor
  • Simple driving circuit, good stability and long life
  • Small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, fast response recovery
  • Firm structure, shock resistance
  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

MEMS TVOC Sensor FS00600B Introduction

The MEMS TVOC gas sensor is composed of a Si-based micro-hot plate of the MEMS process and a metal oxide semiconductor material with low conductivity in clean air. When the detected gas exists in the ambient air, the conductivity of the sensor changes. The higher the concentration of this gas, the higher the conductivity of the sensor. The change in conductivity can be converted into an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit.

MEMS TVOC Sensor FS00600B Features

1.Detection range

Default: 1ppm~500ppm


2.High sensitivity to low-concentration polluting gases


3.Simple driving circuit, good stability


4.Long service life

The lifetime is up to 1 year (in the air)


Specification  Parameter
Sensor Type MEMS VOC gas sensor
Standard package Ceramic package
Detected Gas Ethanol, formaldehyde, toluene, etc.
Detection Range 1ppm~500ppm
Standard Circuit Conditions Vc ≤24V DC
VH 2.5V±0.1V AC or DC
RL Adjustable
Gas sensor characteristics under standard test conditions RH 80Ω±20Ω
PH ≤50mW
Rs 1KΩ~30KΩ(in 50ppm ethanol)
S R0(in air)/Rs(in 50ppm ethanol)≥3.0
α ≤0.9(R200ppm/R50ppm ethanol)
Standard Test Conditions temperature humidity 20℃±2℃;55%RH±5%RH
Standard Test Circuit VH:2.5V±0.1V; Vc:5.0V±0.1V

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