Gas sensor for car

There are many types of sensors for cars, and Gas sensor for car is one of the most important components. According to incomplete statistics, among the sensors used in automobile engines, the number of gas sensors accounts for more than 50%, and the number of large types reaches 5-6. Conservative estimates show that China needs more than 200 million oxygen sensors, 10 million nitrogen-oxygen sensors, and 5 million particulate matter sensors every year. Under the momentum of automobile intelligence and automation, Gas sensor for car is in the wind of rapid development.

FS01301 (1)
Electrochemical CO Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor FS01301

Role of Gas sensor for car

Gas sensor for car is a key component in automobile exhaust gas treatment system, as the information source of automobile electronic control system, it determines the control level of automobile emissions, and plays an important role in reducing emission pollution and improving energy utilization.

From the external environment, automobile exhaust contains different substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOX) particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC), etc. Therefore, different sensors are needed to detect them in order to improve the combustion efficiency of automobile fuels and the energy conversion rate, and to reduce polluting gas emissions. The main gas sensors currently used in automobiles are NOx sensors, ammonia sensors and particulate matter sensors.

 From the viewpoint of the internal environment, the quality of air inside the car has become one of the important considerations for consumers when buying a car. As early as 2011, the State Ministry of Environmental Protection and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the “Guidelines for Evaluation of Air Quality in Passenger Vehicles” (GB/T 27630-2011), which has been formally implemented since March 1, 2012. Harmful gases such as TVOC, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, formaldehyde, etc. inside the car can be detected by the corresponding gas sensors.

NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Gas sensors in the new energy vehicle applications

New energy vehicles, with broad market prospects and strong support from national policies, are an important direction for the sustainable development of the automotive industry in the future. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is an important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile and energy industry.

From the safety point of view, gas detection, hydrogen detection and battery leakage detection for new energy vehicles need the help of sensors.

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TVOC Sensor FS00602

Gas sensor for car development

In the context of China’s implementation of the National Sixth Emission Standard for motor vehicles, the domestic automobile industry for automotive energy saving and emission reduction requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. As a key component of automobile energy saving and emission reduction, in addition to the broad market, the gas sensor technical indicators, cost control has put forward higher and more specific requirements.


Vehicle-grade reliability requires that the sensor can operate reliably in extreme environments (high and low temperature, humidity, vibration, electrical load, EMC, etc.). Sensor sensitivity, response speed, repeatability, measurement accuracy, high reliability, low cost and so on these are the direction of the efforts of domestic sensor companies. Happily, domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in this field, breaking the foreign monopoly.

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H2 Hydrogen Gas Sensor FS02501

Fosensor Gas sensor for car

Fosensor has been deeply practicing in the field of gas sensors for many years, and has also made breakthroughs in the Gas sensor for car segment. In terms of air quality, we have a variety of products and solutions such as CO2 sensor, Particulate matter sensor, TVOC Sensor, etc. In terms of safety monitoring, we have Hydrogen Sensor monitoring, battery pack safety monitoring, in-vehicle alcohol detection and other solutions to provide.


Comfortable, healthy and intelligent life is the pursuing direction of social development nowadays, and sensors, as the core components of the car’s internal and external environment perception, are indispensable and important technical varieties. Standing on the wind mouth of Gas sensor for car, Fosensor will continue to increase the expansion of the automotive market in an all-round way, grasp the opportunity of the era of the future development of intelligent cars, and continue to create value in terms of automotive safety and comfort.