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Electrochemical Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensor FS02001

  • SO2 detection sensor module

  • Support UART and MODBUS-RS485

  • Three-electrode electro-chemical sensor

  • Outstanding anti-interference

  • Temperature compensation

  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

Electrochemical Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensor FS02001 Introduction

FS02001 is a fuel cell type electrochemical sensor that works by the oxidation and reduction reactions on the working electrode and counter electrode, releasing charges to form a current. The magnitude of the current generated is proportional to the concentration of sulfur dioxide and follows Faraday’s law. By testing the magnitude of the current, the sulfur dioxide concentration can be determined. It uses a high-stability gas sensor and a high-performance microprocessor that supports UART output and Modbus-RS485 output for easy use. The module adopts precise automatic calibration and detection equipment, reducing human interference and ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data during large-scale production.

Electrochemical Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensor FS02001 Features

1.Detection range

Default: 0~20PPM


2.High accuracy, high consistency, high solution, rapid response

Data detection accuracy MAX error: ±≤3% reading

Minimum solution: 0.1 ppm

Response time: T90 ≤30s


3.Data output methods

FS02001 supports UART and MODBUS-RS485


4.Long service life

The lifetime is up to 2 years (in the air)


5.High detection frequency

The data updates once per second by default.


1.Gas detectors, instrumentation equipment
2.Industrial Production Safety
3.Vehicle Exhaust Emission Monitoring
4.Atmospheric Environment Monitoring


Parameter typeParameter index
Detection TypeSO2 Gas
Detection PrincipleThree-electrode electro-chemical
Detection Range0~20PPM
Max Load150PPM
Detection AccuracySolution0.1ppm
Data AccuracyMax error:±≤3% Reading
Operation VoltageDC 3.7V~5.5V
Operation Current<0.3mA (@5V power supply)
Response TimeT90 ≤30s
Warm-up Time3 min
Detection FrequencyThe data is updated once per second (Default)
Output Methods Default: UART (3.3V_TTL Voltage level)
Reserve: MODBUS-RS485
Customizable: 4~20mA、0~5V、0~10V
Service Life2 Years (in the air)
Reference Dimension32.3×32.3×16.5 mm
Operation Temperature-30℃ ~ 50℃
Operation Humidity0~95%RH (Non-Condensation)
Storage Temperature0℃ ~ 20℃
Storage Humidity0~95%RH (Non-Condensation)
Pressure Range800~1200 mbar

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