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Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor FS4EC/LFO2

  • Low Power Consumption

  • High Accuracy

  • High Sensitivity

  • Wide Linear Range

  • Strong Anti-Interference Capability

  • Excellent Repeatability and Stability

Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor FS4EC/LFO2 Introduction

FS4EC/LFO2 is a lead-free oxygen sensor based on the three-electrode electrochemical principle. Its working mechanism involves detecting the reduction reaction of gases on the working and counter electrodes, releasing electrons and forming a current. According to Faraday’s Law, the generated current intensity is proportional to the gas concentration. By accurately measuring the current intensity, the oxygen concentration can be precisely determined.

Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen (Lead-Free) Sensor FS4ECLFO2 (7)
Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor FS4EC/LFO2

Product Selling Points

Low Power Consumption

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, suitable for long-term continuous monitoring applications, reducing energy consumption.


High Accuracy

Capable of accurately measuring oxygen concentration, meeting stringent industrial standards, suitable for applications requiring high precision data.


High Sensitivity

Rapid response to small changes in oxygen concentration, ensuring reliability in real-time monitoring.


Wide Linear Range

Maintains good linear output across a wide range of oxygen concentrations, accommodating various application needs.


Strong Anti-Interference Capability

Provides stable and accurate measurement data in complex industrial environments, unaffected by other gases or environmental factors.


Excellent Repeatability and Stability

Maintains consistent measurement performance over long-term use, ensuring data reliability and consistency.


Industrial Safety Monitoring

Used to detect oxygen concentration in enclosed environments, preventing safety incidents due to hypoxia or excess oxygen, ensuring workplace safety.


Environmental Monitoring

Monitors air quality, ensuring health and safety in work and living environments, suitable for environmental protection and urban air quality monitoring.


Medical Equipment

Used in oxygen concentration monitoring instruments, ensuring accurate oxygen supply for patients, suitable for ventilators and oxygen therapy devices.


Combustion Control

Precisely controls oxygen supply in combustion equipment, improving combustion efficiency and reducing harmful emissions, suitable for boilers and industrial furnaces.


Mining Applications

Monitors oxygen concentration in mines and tunnels, ensuring worker safety, suitable for coal mines and underground projects.


Food and Beverage Industry

Controls oxygen content in packaging and storage environments, extending product shelf life and freshness.


Chemical Production

Involved in chemical reaction control and monitoring, ensuring safety and efficiency in production processes, suitable for fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Water Treatment

Monitors dissolved oxygen content in water, ensuring water quality meets standards, suitable for wastewater treatment and water quality monitoring.


With its lead-free design, high accuracy, stability, and strong anti-interference capability, the FS4EC/LFO2 sensor is an ideal choice for oxygen detection in the industrial field, widely used in safety monitoring, environmental protection, medical health, industrial production, and more.

Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen (Lead-Free) Sensor FS4ECLFO2 Application
Industrial Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor FS4EC/LFO2 Application


Performance Parameter
Detecting Gas
Maximum range
Response time
Bias pressure
<2% per month
Zero drift
Load resistance (recommended)
10 Ω
Output Linearity 
Temperature Range
Humidity Range 
15﹪~90﹪RH Non-condensing
Pressure Range 
Standard Atmospheric Pressure ±10%
Service life (in air) 
5 years(in air)

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