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Alcohol Breath Tester FS10701

  • Alcohol detection function. 

  • Breath detection function.

  • LCD display. 

  • Audio-visual alarm notification. 

  • Sensor malfunction self-check.

  • Adjustable unit.

Alcohol Breath Tester FS10701 Description

FS10701 is one of the latest Alcohol Breath Testers developed by our company, which adopts an advanced planar semiconductor alcohol sensor as the sensitive element, with high sensitivity and good repeatability. The device is equipped with a backlit LCD display with intuitive and clear readings. Compact and portable design, easy to carry around. When the measured alcohol content in your breath exceeds the set threshold, the device will automatically sound an audible alarm to provide an extra reminder for your safety.

Alcohol Breath Tester Working Principle

The semiconductor Alcohol Breath Tester uses a tin oxide semiconductor as the sensor. This type of semiconductor device has gas-sensitive properties, when the contact gas in the gas concentration of its sensitive gas increases, it presents a lower resistance value to the outside world. The advantages of the semiconductor tester are small size and low price, the disadvantage is the poor anti-interference ability. Usually only used in demanding occasions, such as self-testing, or general qualitative testing.

Electrochemical methods

In addition to the semiconductor principle, we also have an electrochemical alcohol tester, also known as fuel cell type Alcohol Breath Tester, which is based on the principle of breath alcohol oxidized by a catalyst into carbon (or acetaldehyde) and water in the process of releasing chemical energy, the chemical energy converted by the energy converter into an electric current through the electric voltmeter, the higher the meter readings, the higher the concentration of ethanol.


1. Traffic Enforcement

This is the most common application of Alcohol Breath Tester. Law enforcement officers use it to determine whether a driver has been drinking and driving, so as to ensure road traffic safety.

2. Workplace

In some high-risk working environments, such as mines, chemical plants, etc., employees must keep a clear head while working. Therefore, many companies use Alcohol detectors to ensure that their employees have not consumed alcohol at work.

3. Educational Institutions

Some schools and universities also use Alcohol detectors to detect whether students have consumed alcohol, especially after various school events or parties.


1. Alcohol detection function. 

2. Breath detection function. 

3. LCD display. 

4. Audio-visual alarm notification. 

5. Sensor malfunction self-check. 

6. Adjustable unit.


Alcohol sensor type

Semiconductor type

Screen display

1-inch LCD screen display

Measurement range

0~0.25%BAC ; 0~2.5g/l

Indication error


Response time


Continuous breath test

5 seconds (flow rate: ≥10L/min)

Power consumption


Operating noise


Alarm mode

Audio and visual alarm

Product size




Battery power supply

Built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 3.7V/200mAh

Charging method

Type-C port charging DC5V/1A

Usage environment

Temperature: -5℃~45℃; Humidity: 30%~85%; Air pressure: 70kPa~105kPa

Storage environment

Temperature: -20℃~50℃; Humidity: 15%~93%; Air pressure: 50kPa~105kPa.

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