Best indoor CO2 monitor

An indoor co2 monitor is an instrument to measure the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Its function is to monitor indoor air quality and remind people to ventilate the air in time to avoid the adverse effects caused by high carbon dioxide. The principle of the CO2 monitor is to use NDIR CO2 Sensor to detect CO2 molecules in the air, and then convert the signal to a digital display and audible and visual alarm.

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Indoor CO2 monitor function

The most important function of an indoor CO2 monitor is to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air in real time. It collects data on the CO2 concentration in the surrounding environment and converts it into a digital or graphical display. This function is extremely important because it allows us to know if the CO2 concentration in the air exceeds the limit and reminds us how to adjust the air environment to ensure our health.

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How to choose the best indoor CO2 monitor?

Measuring range and accuracy: Different occasions have different requirements for carbon dioxide concentration, and you should choose the measuring range and accuracy that suits your needs. Generally speaking, the larger the measuring range, the better, and the higher the accuracy, the better.

Display and alarm mode: Some indoor CO2 monitors only have a digital display, and some have color indication or curve diagrams. Some of them also have sound and light alarm functions, when the carbon dioxide concentration exceeds the set value, it will emit a sound or flashlight. Choose the right display and alarm according to your preference and habit.

Power supply and battery life: Some indoor CO2 monitors need to be plugged in, while others can be powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. If you need to move or carry it around, you should choose a portable power source and pay attention to whether the battery life meets your requirements.

Other functions and added value: Some carbon dioxide concentration detectors are able to measure other air indicators such as temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, etc. in addition to carbon dioxide, or have other functions such as data storage, remote control, intelligent linkage, and so on. These features can increase the added value of the CO2 monitor, but they will also increase the cost and complexity and should be chosen according to your actual needs and budget.

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Indoor CO2 monitor application

1. Animal husbandry

Air quality is related to the healthy growth of animals. If the gas is turbid for a long time, with high CO2 concentration, and ventilation is not possible, it will cause animal diseases or animal epidemic outbreaks. Therefore, installing carbon dioxide detectors in farms can prevent animal epidemics.

2. Public places

Crowded places, such as conference halls. Classrooms. Exhibition halls. Hospitals. Shopping malls. Bars. Restaurants. Airports. Train stations. Entertainment halls and other places can install indoor CO2 monitors for ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring, in order to ensure people’s physical and mental health.

3. Agriculture

Carbon dioxide is related to the photosynthesis of plants, so it is widely used in agricultural greenhouses. Appropriate concentration of gas fertilizer can increase the yield of crops. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is insufficient, gas fertilizer can be used to improve the growth and yield of vegetables.