Combustable gas detector

Combustable gas detector product classification

Combustable gas detectors are detectors that respond to single or multiple combustible gas concentrations. Currently, there are two types of combustible gas detectors: catalytic type and infrared optical type. The catalytic combustible gas detector uses the resistance change of the refractory metal platinum wire after heating to measure the concentration of combustible gas. When the combustible gas enters the detector, an oxidation reaction (flameless combustion) is caused on the surface of the platinum wire, and the heat generated causes The temperature of the platinum wire increases, and the resistivity of the platinum wire changes. The infrared optical type uses infrared sensors to detect alkane combustible gases in the on-site environment through the absorption principle of infrared light sources.


There are hundreds of mainstream gas sensor products for the core components of detectors, covering global mainstream gas sensor technologies such as catalytic combustion gas sensors, Semiconductor gas sensors, Electrochemical gas sensors, Infrared gas sensors, and MEMS gas sensors.

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Combustable gas detector use classification

1.Industrial and commercial gas detectors

(1) Gas detector. This series of products can use electrochemical, semiconductor, catalytic combustion, optical and other gas sensor detection technologies to monitor gas leaks, transmit the monitoring data to the data acquisition and control system, and remind the personnel on duty to handle it in a timely manner. At the same time, the data is uploaded to the monitoring center to provide early warning to avoid major accidents. It can be used in petroleum and petrochemical industries and refining; chemical industry, metallurgy, gas industry, industrial and commercial complexes and other places where flammable gas leakage or toxic and harmful gases may occur.

(2) Optical gas detector. Optical detection products mainly include vehicle-mounted laser methane inspection vehicles, open-circuit laser gas detection, PTZ scanning laser detectors, handheld laser telemeters, etc., using advanced tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detection optical path extension. Technology, gas detection and video fusion. technology to achieve rapid detection of dangerous gases over long distances in all aspects. It is mainly used in petroleum and natural gas gate stations, gas storage and separation stations, refineries, chemical plants, metallurgical industries, electric power and other industries in the petrochemical industry, as well as line inspection monitoring of long-distance oil and gas pipelines and urban gas transmission and distribution pipelines.

(3) Portable gas detector. Portable gas leak detection and inspection and industrial safety personal protection series products; gas leak detection and inspection series, mainly inspect the urban gas pipeline network and residents’ indoor gas environment for unsafe factors, and can be connected to the pipeline network The inspection system and home security inspection system can realize the on-site collection and transmission of inspection information to create high-quality visual digital application of safety inspection management. Industrial safety personal protection series products are mainly used to detect the concentration of flammable gases and toxic gases to achieve hazard detection and personnel safety protection. It is an intrinsically safe device that uses natural diffusion or pumping to detect gases. It can use electrochemical, catalytic combustion, optical and other sensors. It has excellent sensitivity and repeatability, has a high level of protection, complete domestic certification, and gas detection. The leak inspection series is suitable for leak detection in urban gas distribution pipelines, indoor gas pipelines, overhead pipelines, risers or pipelines distributed in narrow spaces. The series of industrial safety personal protection products are mainly suitable for use in refineries, chemical plants, metallurgical industries, electric power industries, etc. in the petroleum and petrochemical industries where gas or toxic gas leakage may occur, as well as in industrial and commercial operations and restricted space situations.

(4) Atmospheric environment monitoring instruments. The gridded air quality monitoring system is equipped with high-performance sensors such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and six factors of ambient air to realize real-time collection, analysis and transmission of carbon dioxide (CO2), six factors of air and meteorological data to achieve greenhouse gas monitoring of the atmospheric environment. and distributed monitoring of atmospheric pollutant emissions to achieve “measurable, reportable, and verifiable” and provide the government with scientific emission reduction suggestions. It is suitable for the field of environmental protection, urban grid supervision, urban air quality monitoring, waste gas enterprise monitoring, chemical industry park air quality monitoring, urban-rural fringe supervision, scenic spot air quality monitoring, etc.

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2.Home gas detector

(1) Household gas alarm. Used to detect leaks of combustible gases such as natural gas, liquefied gas, carbon monoxide, etc. When the concentration of combustible gases in the air is detected to exceed the set value, an audible and visual alarm will be issued and the gas valve will be cut off. Networked products can also wirelessly upload alarm signals to the monitoring center. Or the user’s mobile phone, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of gas leakage and explosion accidents. It is suitable for home kitchens, apartments, small places and other places where various gases or carbon monoxide exist.

(2) Smoke and fire detector. Through fire sensitivity sub-level detection (the highest level), an innovative dual-optical path design is adopted and an optimization algorithm model that utilizes the influence of the optical path structure on the scattered light intensity of black and white smoke has the characteristics of high sensitivity and strong resistance to false alarms. It also has It has functions such as anti-tamper alarm, local and remote dual silencer, etc. The wireless communication version has multi-dimensional alarm reminder modes such as phone calls, SMS, platforms, and WeChat terminals. Suitable for homes, schools, libraries, museums, warehouses, nine small places, etc.