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Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor FS02202

  • Automotive-grade circuit design

  • Wide detection range

  • High accuracy, rapid response

  • 10 years service life

  • low crosstalk and low power consumption

  • Reliable service for sustainable cooperation

Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor FS02202 Introduction

This is a laser particle sensor module designed for use in automobiles, which can withstand the internal environment of a car. The sensor accurately measures particle concentration through mathematical algorithms and scientific calibration, and transmits the measurement signal to the main node via CAN communication. This solution features precise measurement, fast response time, low crosstalk, low power consumption, and long lifespan.

Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor FS02202 Features

1.High-temperature laser module with constant power output, capable of operating at temperatures up to 85℃


2.Adopting a mature automotive-grade circuit design, suitable for various automotive environments.


3.Utilizing proprietary laser scattering technology to achieve wide-range measurements.


4.Supports CAN communication mode and low-power mode.


1.New energy vehicles, trams
2.Energy storage power station, power system
3.Battery Safety Monitoring Equipment


Parameter type

Parameter index

Operation Pinciple

Light scattering

Detection Particle Size Range


Detection Range




Detection Accuracy

≤35μg/m³: ±5μg/m³ 

>35μg/m³: ±15% Reading

Refresh Time


Response Time


Communication Method




Operation Environment

-40~+85℃,0-95%RH(Non-Condensation)(Shut-off protection for laser source activation above 75℃)

Storage Environment

-40~+95℃,0-95%RH (Non-Condensation)

Operation Voltage

9~16VDC, Standar Voltage 12V

Operation Current

Normal operation mode (continuous uninterrupted measurement): ≤100mA,@12V


Low-power mode (intermittent measurement): ≤50mA,@12V

Standby Current

<100μA,sleeping mode


10 years



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