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Battery leakage monitoring sensor FS02213

  • High sensitivity
  • high resolution
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life

Battery leakage monitoring sensor FS02213 Introduction

The FS02213 battery leakage monitoring sensor is a specialized and miniaturized module. It uses a self-developed MEMS production line to detect the gas produced by battery liquid volatilization and battery combustion with a metal oxide semiconductor (MOX) sensor, which has good gas selectivity and stability. The sensor also includes a built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation, as well as special anti-interference design. With high data acquisition accuracy and serial data output interface, the FS02213 combines mature semiconductor detection technology with sophisticated circuit design to create a dedicated gas sensing module.

Battery leakage monitoring sensor FS02213 Features

High sensitivity and high resolution

Low power consumption and long service life

Provides UART signal output (customizable for other output methods)

Anti-interference design


1.New energy vehicles, trams
2.Energy storage power station, power system
3.Battery Safety Monitoring Equipment


Detected gases

Methane, Hydrogen

Detection range





Detection accuracy

Maximum error≤ ±10%

Operating voltage

DC 5V±0.5V

Operating current

<30mA (@5V power supply)

Stability time


Detection frequency

Data updates once per second (default)

Output method


UART (3.3V_TTL level)



Service life

10 years (in air)

Reference size

36.5×44.0x17.0 mm

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