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Thermal runaway smoke sensor FS02209

  • Fast warm-up time
  • Long lifespan.
  • Short start-up time

Thermal runaway smoke sensor FS02209 Introduction

This solution is capable of effectively monitoring the concentration of dust, temperature and other indicators released prior to triggering thermal runaway of batteries, and transmitting the measurement signals to the Battery Management System (BMS) through CAN communication. This approach features accurate measurement, fast response time, low cross-interference, low power consumption, long service life, and high reliability.

Thermal runaway smoke sensor FS02209 Features

This device can achieve an external interface for simultaneously and continuously measuring particle matter and temperature, while automatically completing temperature and pressure compensation.


The device has a short start-up time, fast warm-up time, and long lifespan.


It is designed in a modular way and has both digital and analog signal output functions, making it easy to integrate and control.


The device has high accuracy and repeatability, fast response time, up to 170ms.


1.New energy vehicles, trams
2.Energy storage power station, power system
3.Battery Safety Monitoring Equipment


Principle of detection

Particle matter (PM): infrared scattering;

Temperature: NTC thermistor.

Type of detection

PM, Temperature (T)

Detection range




Detection accuracy

PM: ±15ug/m³ @≤100ug/m³, ±15% of reading @>100ug/m³ (TSI8530 standard source, 8mg cigarette, injection speed 1L/min); Temperature (T): ±2℃

Data refresh rate


Output method


Design life

10 years

Operating conditions

-40℃~+85℃;0~99%RH (non-condensing)

Storage conditions:

-40℃~+95℃;0~99%RH (non-condensing)

Operating pressure


Power supply voltage

6~16VDC,  standard voltage +12VDC

Average operating current

Normal operating mode: ≤30mA, @+12VDC (sensor continuous operation); Low power mode: ≤500uA, @+12VDC (sensor intermittent operation, detection once every 12.2s); Deep sleep mode: ≤50uA, @+12VDC (sensor enters deep sleep and stops working, external signal is required to wake up and trigger).

Static current

≤100uA, deep sleep (stop) mode; ≤500uA, low power mode.

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