Hvac temperature sensors

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technology is becoming increasingly important in residential and commercial buildings as indoor temperature, humidity and air quality are directly related to living comfort. Building automation and smart building technologies further increase the reliance on accurate sensing. The total energy consumption, CO2 footprint and operating costs of individual homes and commercial and industrial buildings are directly dependent on the quality of the HVAC installation and its level of integration in the sensor network. HVAC is an air conditioning system with three main functions: heating, ventilation and air conditioning, also known as HVAC. according to the requirements of the indoor air environment as well as the different functions, HVAC can be categorized into comfort air conditioning and process air conditioning.

Hvac temperature sensors
Hvac temperature sensors

Application of HVAC classification

Comfort air conditioning refers to air conditioning systems that provide people with a suitable working or living environment, thereby maintaining a comfortable indoor environment or improving work efficiency. This category generally utilizes standard HVAC, air conditioning equipment that mainly controls temperature and humidity to make the human body feel comfortable, creating a comfortable working or living environment, and is an important part of building automation.

Comfort air-conditioning system is usually a human service object, the human feeling of measuring temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity adjustment accuracy is not a strict requirement, commonly found in office buildings, shopping malls, movie theaters, gymnasiums, hotels and other places.

Process air conditioning refers to meet the indoor production, scientific research and other process requirements of specific air parameters of the air conditioning system. This type of air conditioning is mainly for the purpose of industrial production, the need for strict air conditioning, to better match the needs of production, to ensure product quality and processing accuracy.

Process air conditioning for temperature and humidity control precision than building automation, especially electronics, pharmaceuticals, precision machinery and other industries, temperature and humidity need to control the range should be based on the characteristics of the processing products and processes developed. Commonly used in research and development laboratories, hospital operating rooms, textile workshops, electronic product workshops and other places.

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Hvac temperature sensors importance

Temperature sensors play an important role in HVAC applications: not only do they control the temperature of the room, but they also measure and control the temperature of the pipes that supply hot or cold air to the building. Sensors also help to accurately measure a home’s energy consumption through cooling/heating meters.

Many HVAC applications are only suitable for room and low temperature environments. Devices that use temperature sensors include thermometers, thermostats, smart valves, room controllers and control units. There are also many different types of equipment (e.g., heaters, heat pumps, chillers, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, etc.) that are also controlled and managed by temperature sensors.