Indoor real time air quality monitor

Indoors are a major place for human activities, and indoor air quality is an important factor affecting human health. Real-time, rapid and accurate monitoring of indoor air quality is the key basis for guiding people to take reasonable control measures and reduce the risk of air pollution exposure.

indoor air pollution
indoor air pollution

Why should you prepare a real time air quality monitor at home?

Many families with children or after renovating a new house will think about whether to buy an air quality detector to see whether the formaldehyde index in the home will affect their health.

Sources of indoor air pollution include the following:

  1. After renovation, wall furniture continues to release formaldehyde and other harmful gases
  2. The outside air quality is poor, with PM2.5 and PM2.0 exceeding standards (mostly in the north)
  3. After closing the doors and windows tightly, indoor CO2 exceeds the standard.
  4. Cooking fumes, excessive dust after cleaning, etc.

Take formaldehyde, which is the most harmful to the human body, as an example. Indoor formaldehyde is a carcinogen that can reduce immunity and induce respiratory diseases. Formaldehyde is not easy to volatilize, and in a house with poor ventilation, formaldehyde may even remain for more than ten years.

These substances are invisible and intangible, but they can cause huge harm. Keeping a real time air quality monitor at home to monitor indoor air quality at all times is helpful to the health of the elderly and children.

Indoor real time air quality monitor
Indoor real time air quality monitor

Real time air quality monitor detection principle

1.DART electrochemical principle

2.Light scattering technology

3.Principle of semiconductor gas sensing

4.Gas natural flow detection technology

Using electrochemistry and light scattering technology to detect formaldehyde concentration in the air will be more accurate and more sensitive.

Specific functions of air detector:

The main sources of indoor air pollution monitored include formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, PM2.0, CO2, etc. Once the concentration of harmful gases is too high, it will cause harm to human health. The figure below is a table of common harmful gas types and suitable concentration ranges for reference.

FS00802G (2)
Air Quality Monitor FS00802G

Real time air quality monitor Recommended

The Air Quality Monitor FS00802G produced by Fosensor can be used to detect temperature, humidity, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, and other factors in the air environment, basically covering Reflect various indicators of air quality.


Excellent sensor performance

  1. The TVOC measurement unit uses imported high-sensitivity gas detection probes with mature technology; high-performance signal acquisition circuits, stable signals and higher accuracy.
  2. Unique dual-frequency data acquisition and automatic calibration technology, PM2.5 and PM10 can be collected at the same time.
  3. Super strong body and beautiful design. The equipment is made of ABS material, which is sturdy and durable; it is compact and easy to install.


Intelligent linkage

The Real time air quality monitor can intelligently control the indoor air environment through relays associated with related equipment. For example, when the carbon dioxide concentration exceeds the carbon dioxide concentration range set by the user, the relay will automatically link the ventilation equipment for ventilation until the concentration returns to a safe value range. , the ventilation equipment will automatically turn off.


Easily connect to the comprehensive environmental monitoring cloud platform

EasyConnect is a remote monitoring center cloud platform equipped for air quality monitoring. Users can log in to the EasyConnect comprehensive environmental monitoring cloud platform through computer web pages and mobile APPs to receive real-time monitoring data. The platform has functions such as centralized monitoring, remote control, real-time data query, historical data curve viewing, data anomaly alarms, and centralized display.


Application areas

The detector is widely used in monitoring air quality conditions in factory workshops, buildings, smart homes, smart public toilets, schools, hospitals, airports, stations and other places.