Industrial CO2 sensor applications

As industrialization continues, industrial emissions are increasingly polluting the environment, and air pollution has a serious impact on human health and climate change. In particular, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the flue gas produced by the combustion of industrial boilers is one of the important factors affecting the combustion process. Carbon dioxide produced during boiler combustion reacts with oxygen to produce calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide emission in the flue gas is the main cause of the greenhouse effect and poses a serious threat to the ecological environment.

Industrial CO2 sensor applications
Industrial CO2 sensor applications

Fosensor Industrial co2 sensor

CO2 sensors can measure the CO2 content in flue gas by detecting the concentration of CO2 gas. Therefore, as one of the important means of ecological environment protection, the monitoring of flue gas emissions is getting more and more attention. CO2 sensors play an important role in flue gas emission monitoring. Fosensor NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302 is used in the industrial field with the advantages of small size, large range, stability, and reliability.

Industrial CO2 sensor working principle:

Industrial co2 sensor is a device that can detect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, and its working principle is mainly based on infrared absorption spectroscopy technology. When infrared light passes through the air containing carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide molecules will absorb the infrared light of a specific wavelength, thus making the intensity of the infrared light passing through change. By measuring this change, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air can be calculated.


NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Industrial CO2 sensor applications

Application of carbon dioxide sensors in industrial exhaust emissions

There are many types of industrial exhaust gases, which may cause different degrees of harm to the environment. Exhaust gases are toxic and harmful gases emitted by human beings in production and life. Especially chemical plants, iron and steel mills, pharmaceutical plants, oil refineries, etc., as well as the production of life exhaust gases brought by human life. The exhaust gas has a great odor, seriously polluting the environment and affecting human health.

As the economy develops and the level of industrialization increases, human activities (e.g., burning of fossil fuels and deforestation) exacerbate the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. There are also industrial enterprises that use chimneys or exhaust gases in their combustion and production processes, and large quantities of CO2 gases are discharged through openings in pipes. These make global warming one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today.

Application of CO2 Sensor in Greenhouse Animal Farming

In recent years, the country has vigorously implemented the rural revitalization strategy. A large number of rural complexes, modern agricultural breeding and plantation areas, and other projects have sprung up. Through the construction of the project, rural industrial integration has been promoted and farmers’ income has been increased. Among them, high-tech intelligent greenhouses are representative facilities for industrial chain construction.

Some large-scale farms, such as cattle, pig, and chicken plants are in some closed or semi-closed environments. Because of the large number, these livestock will exhale a large amount of carbon dioxide. If ventilation measures are not taken in time, the high concentration of carbon dioxide will lead to hypoxia, depression, fatigue, anorexia, and slow growth of animals. At the same time, the lack of air movement can easily lead to reduced immunity and disease outbreaks in livestock.

Carbon dioxide sensors are installed in greenhouse farms to monitor carbon dioxide concentration, and when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the farm reaches a certain amount, the exhaust system can be activated to replace the fresh air and provide a good breeding environment for livestock growth.

Carbon dioxide sensor in agricultural vegetable greenhouse application

We know that all kinds of green vegetables in agricultural vegetable greenhouses need to absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, the crops in the plastic greenhouses are in a relatively closed place for a long time, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouses changes a lot within a day. As a result, the carbon dioxide deficit in plastic greenhouses is quite serious, which becomes an important factor affecting the yield of vegetables in plastic greenhouses. Therefore, the use of carbon dioxide sensors to control the concentration has also become an important factor affecting crop yield. At present, carbon dioxide sensor environmental monitoring equipment is beginning to be used in many agricultural greenhouse facilities. The installation of carbon dioxide sensors in agricultural vegetable plastic greenhouses ensures timely alarms in case of insufficient carbon dioxide concentration so that gas fertilizers can be used. Ensure that vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine, and other early market, high quality and high yield.