Industrial gas detection systems

In the past decades, with the advancement of industrialization, environmental issues have been the focus of social concern. The emission of waste gas, wastewater, and some hazardous substances during industrial production can cause immeasurable environmental problems and even threaten human beings and ecosystems. Therefore, the monitoring and management of the industrial environment becomes more and more important. The application of industrial gas detection systems in industrial production is also getting more and more attention.

Industrial gas detection systems for the petrochemical industry
Industrial gas detection systems for the petrochemical industry

Principle of operation

Industrial gas detection systems consist of sensors, controllers, and alarms. industrial gas sensors measure the concentration of gases in the industrial environment through chemical reactions or physical changes and transmit the detected data to the controller. The controller determines whether the gas concentration exceeds the limit according to the preset concentration threshold and triggers the alarm to send out an alert signal. The system can detect harmful gases accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the production environment.

FS01301 (3)
Electrochemical CO Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor FS01301

Industrial gas detection systems application areas

  1. Workplace air quality monitoring. In many workplaces, a large amount of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., are generated during industrial production. These harmful gases can pose a threat to the health of employees if they exceed the threshold of relevant national standards. Therefore, in order to ensure the health and safety of employees, the air quality in the workplace must be monitored. In this process, Industrial gas detection systems can help monitor the presence and concentration of various hazardous gases, and provide timely monitoring data and analysis reports to the relevant departments so that corresponding measures can be taken to reduce the health risks of employees.


  1. Industrial waste gas emission monitoring. In the process of industrial production, the emissions will seriously affect the quality of the environment and even cause harm to the ecosystem. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and manage the industrial exhaust gases. Industrial gas detection systems can help monitor the presence and concentration of various harmful gases in industrial exhaust gases, and provide accurate monitoring data and analysis reports for relevant departments. By analyzing these data, problems can be detected in time and corresponding measures can be taken to reduce the emission of industrial waste gas, thus protecting the quality of the environment.


  1. Online monitoring in the process of industrial production. In the industrial production process, through the application of gas detection technology, it can monitor the various gases in the production process in real-time. Through the collection and analysis of these data, the optimization and adjustment of the production process can be achieved, thus improving production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, online monitoring can also help factories monitor whether abnormal gases are generated in the production process and take timely measures to avoid accidents.
NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Industrial gas detection systems are widely used to help manufacturers properly assess and control the generation and emission of harmful gases during industrial production, thereby reducing environmental risks and protecting the health of humans and ecosystems. In the future, with the continuous development and improvement of gas detection technology, it is believed that its role in industrial environmental monitoring will become more and more important.