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Industrial Infrared propane (Refrigerant) Sensor FS4NDIR/R290

  • Dual Channel Design: Long-term high data accuracy with minimal drift.Dual Channel Design: Ensures high long-term accuracy with minimal drift, enhancing system reliability.
  • Long Service Life (up to 10 years): Offers sustained reliability and stability over a long period.
  • Light-Cell-Free NDIR Technology: Simplifies the sensor structure, reducing maintenance requirements.

Industrial Infrared propane (Refrigerant) Sensor FS4NDIR/R290 Introduction

The FS4NDIR/R290 Industrial Infrared Propane (Refrigerant) Sensor utilizes proprietary light-cell-free NDIR technology and features a robust aluminum alloy casing with digital output.It is engineered to resist interference from other gases eliminating the need for pump pipelines.Compact in size, corrosion-resistant,and easy to maintain,this sensor is ideal for applications such as leak alarms, environmental monitoring,online monitoring, and gas composition analysis.

Industrial Infrared propane (Refrigerant) Sensor (6)
Industrial Infrared propane (Refrigerant) Sensor (6)

Product Selling Points

1. High Sensitivity, High Stability, High Resolution: Delivers precise and reliable measurement results.

2. Quick Response Time: Ensures immediate reaction to gas presence.

3. Excellent Interference Resistance with Temperature Compensation: Guarantees measurement accuracy in various conditions.

4. Superior Linear Output: Provides accurate and consistent data output.

5. Dual Channel Design: Ensures high long-term accuracy and minimal drift, enhancing reliability.

6. Long Service Life (up to 10 years): Offers sustained reliability over a long period.

7. Light-Cell-Free NDIR Technology: Simplifies sensor structure by eliminating the need for a light cell, reducing maintenance requirements.

8. Digital Output: Facilitates easier data processing and integration.

9. Aluminum Alloy Casing: Provides durability and strong corrosion resistance.

10. No Pump Pipeline Requirement: Reduces installation and maintenance complexity.

11. Compact Design: Allows for easy installation in diverse devices and environments.

12. Adapts to Harsh Environments: Suitable for a variety of demanding industrial and environmental conditions.


1. Substation Inspection and Power Equipment Monitoring: Ensures the safe operation of electrical facilities.

2. Instrumentation and Gas Detectors: Ideal for high-precision gas detection.

3. Industrial Workshops and Scientific Experiment Equipment: Provides reliable environmental monitoring.

4. Gas Leak Monitoring Equipment: Detects and alarms gas leaks.

The FS4NDIR/R290 sensor is an optimal solution for Freon monitoring in industrial environments, offering efficient and reliable gas monitoring across various applications.




Performance Parameter
Detecting Gas
Detection Range
Detection Resolution
Detection Precision
0~50% FS :(±3%FS)
50%~100% FS :(±5%FS)
Detection principle
principle Non-dispersive Infrared Absorption Detection (NDIR)
Response time
T90 ≤30s
Operating Voltage
DC 3.6V~5.0V
Operating current
≤85mA (@5V supply)
Warm-up time
Detection Frequency
Data update 1 time per second (default)
Output Mode
Default Output:Modbus
Reserved:DAC (0.4V~2V)
10 years (in air)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity
0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Pressure range

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