Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor

PM2.5 is defined as fine particles in ambient air with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 micrometers. laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor is a sensor that detects PM2.5 particles in the air quality by means of a laser method.

Airborne dust particles
Airborne dust particles

Sources of PM2.5 particles

PM2.5 particles mainly come from smoke and dust emissions in industrial production, automobile exhaust, cooking fumes in daily life, forest fires in natural disasters, etc. The smaller the diameter of fine particles, the more they enter the air. The smaller the diameter of the fine particles, the deeper they enter the respiratory tract, thus causing great damage to human health.

Laser Dust Sensor FS00201

Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor working principle

The Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor can assess air quality by measuring the concentration of suspended particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air. It works as follows:

  1. Laser Emitter: First, the laser sensor generates a laser beam through a laser emitter.
  2. High-efficiency scatterer: The laser beam is directed to a high-efficiency scatterer (also known as a diffuser), which allows the laser beam to scatter with airborne particles.
  3. Receiver: During the scattering process, the scattered light enters a receiver inside the sensor, which converts the received light signal into an electrical signal for processing.
  4. Light scattering signal analysis: the received light signal will be analyzed to determine the concentration of particulate matter in the air by measuring the angle and intensity of light scattering.
  5. PM2.5 Concentration Calculation: By estimating the size of the particulate matter based on the angle and intensity of scattering, the PM2.5 concentration is then calculated.
Laser Dust Sensor FS00202

Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor application field

Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor is mainly used in air purifiers, air quality monitor portable, industrial labor production dust environment monitoring and other places and fresh air system.

Air Purifier

The use of air purifiers as the main force to eliminate indoor pollutants, the removal of indoor dust is naturally the basic function of the air purifier, PM2.5 sensor is undoubtedly the source of the air purifier to remove dust, most of the air purifiers on the market are currently using Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor to detect indoor dust.

Air quality monitor portable

Now more and more people are using air quality monitor, mainly because in recent years air quality has been doubly people’s attention, only to see the haze, but do not know the pollution to what extent, which will make people feel uneasy, air quality monitor can be the degree of air pollutants data, so that the data of air quality pollution with visibility. One of the core components of the air tester is the PM2.5 sensor, which displays the real-time concentration of PM2.5 in the air through the output signal of the PM2.5 sensor.

Industrial labor production dust environment monitoring and other places

In industrial production often produces dust, dust and other fine particles, workers long-term stay in the dust concentration exceeds the standard environment will seriously affect the health. For example, industrial and mining enterprises will produce a large amount of dust, which not only jeopardizes human health, triggering occupational diseases, but also accelerate mechanical wear and tear. Shorten the service life of precision instruments, in some conditions with explosive. Dust is produced in the production process of industrial and mining enterprises in a variety of production processes: such as drilling, blasting, digging and cutting, hitting the top of the coal, building construction, cement production, open pit mining stripping, crushing, mineral processing and screening. Production workers work for a long time in a high concentration of dust environment, inhaling a large amount of fine dust, seriously jeopardizing human health, triggering occupational diseases such as coal lung disease, coal silent lung disease. In order to protect the health of workers, it is necessary to detect and control production dust. It is necessary to install the corresponding Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor in the working environment to detect the environment and ensure that no excessive dust will be inhaled.

Fresh Air System

One of the most important functions of the new air system is to intelligently filter PM2.5 particles in the air, the dust particles in the air will follow the breath into the human respiratory tract, which is very harmful to human health, the higher the concentration of PM2.5 content in the air, the more serious the air pollution, Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor is the sensing of the dust particles in the air. The Laser pm 2.5 air quality sensor is the key to sense the dust particles in the air.