What can iot be used for

Internet of Things (IoT) technology refers to the collection, transmission and control of information between things and things, people and things according to information content sensing devices, IoT technology is mainly divided into sensor technology, RFID technology, embedded technology, smart technology and nanotechnology. So what can iot be used for?

1, the field of intelligent transportation: to improve the road environment, to ensure road traffic safety, the use of technology to make people and cars, roads are inseparable. Common applications include smart buses, bike sharing, smart signal lights and smart parking systems.

2, the field of intelligent logistics: the use of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies in logistics delivery, delivery and other links, to complete the cognition of the system software, analysis and solution. Mainly used in delivery detection, courier terminal equipment and so on.

IoT technology for smart buildings
IoT technology for smart buildings

3, the field of intelligent security: the traditional security on the staff demand, high personnel costs, and intelligent security systems can be completed through the machine to complete the intelligent differentiation work. Often used in access control systems and video surveillance systems.

4, intelligent medical field: the application of technology can be based on the sensor for intelligent management of patients, the key refers to medical smart wearable devices can detect and record the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, etc., to facilitate the person or the doctor to view.

5, Smart Grid Monitoring and environmental protection field: the Internet of Things technology will be applied to water, electricity, solar energy, garbage bins and other equipment to improve resource utilization and reduce resource loss. For example, smart water meter reading, smart sensor trash cans, intelligent detection of water level line.

6, the field of intelligent building: intelligent building can save resources, reduce staff operation and maintenance management, the existing intelligent building is mainly used in the fire safety detection, intelligent elevator car.

IoT technology for smart healthcare
IoT technology for smart healthcare

7, the field of smart home: the Internet of Things applied to the smart home, so that the home is more and more comfortable, safe and efficient, such as sweeping robots, so that people liberate the hands of cleaning.

8、Smart retail field: Smart retail has upgraded and transformed the traditional vending machines and convenience stores with intelligence, forming the way of unmanned retail.

9, Smart Agriculture: modern agriculture through the close integration of the Internet of Things technology, can realize the visual analysis of data, remote operation and disaster warning, in the planting industry embodied in the collection of data through monitoring, satellite, etc., the animal husbandry industry embodied in the collection of data for the animal ear markers, monitoring, smart wearable devices, etc., the data collected is analyzed, so as to achieve accurate management.

IoT technology for smart homes
IoT technology for smart homes

10, the field of intelligent manufacturing: manufacturing industry is the main field of the use of Internet of Things technology, mainly applied to intelligent processing and production equipment supervision and factory environment monitoring, equipment can be installed sensors for remote control of the machine, the environment can monitor humidity, temperature and smoke.

The market potential of the Internet of Things is huge, has formed a large-scale application, the government and enterprises for the Internet of Things technology research and development has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and energy, the future of the Internet of Things is also the world’s important development direction and goal.