What does a 4 gas monitor detect?

4 gas monitor, as the name suggests, is a kind of detector that can detect 1-4 kinds of gas concentration at the same time, it can monitor the concentration of CH4, H2S, CO, O2 and other gases, and it can be used in various environments for rapid detection, when the concentration of the detected gases in the environment exceeds the alarm value, the 4 gas monitor will send out all kinds of alarms and reminders. So 4 gas monitor can be used in which places?


4 in1 Gas Detector FS11301

4 Application places of gas monitor

1、Oil, natural gas

Detecting hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and other gases in the process of paint mining, transportation and storage; detecting combustible gas leakage in the valve group of inlet and outlet material, machine pump room, compressor room and valve group of irrigation room.

2、Paint and spray paint factory

Detect combustible gases such as benzene, toluene, xylene and formaldehyde gas in workshops and warehouses; detect combustible gases such as benzene, toluene, xylene and formaldehyde gas in paint spraying rooms and paint baking rooms.


Detect oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, methane and other gases in mines, pits, mine shafts and other relatively restricted confined spaces.


In the metallurgical process, the existence of blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas and other places in the carbon monoxide, natural gas, hydrogen, methane, oxygen detection; in the electrolysis of aluminum, the need to detect carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, chlorine and so on.

5、Fire fighting

In fire and other rescue sites, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, combustible gases, etc. need to be detected.


In the construction industry need to detect formaldehyde, ammonia, TVOC, benzene and so on.

7、Municipal Engineering

In the dredging of sewers, combustible gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. need to be detected.

8、Semiconductor production

In the semiconductor production, the gas is used in the semiconductor production process for the purpose of doping, deposition and protection, etc. Generally, the gases that need to be detected are combustible gases, silane, dichlorodihydrosilane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, methane, benzene, toluene, xylene, hydrogen cyanide, phosphine, hydrogen chloride and so on.


In the construction of underground pipeline equipment, operator line maintenance, the need to detect combustible gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and so on.

10、Power plants

Detecting hydrogen in hydrogen-cooled generator station; detecting combustible gas in boiler room, heating room, generator set, gas regulator station, gas filling area, fuel storage area; detecting ammonia in ammonia production place, ammonia storage area; detecting sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. in desulfurization and denitrification engineering equipment of coal-fired units; detecting carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide in cable tunnels, telecommunication cable pipe wells, sewage treatment wells, warming passages, Oxygen, etc.; in the high-voltage transformers, high-voltage insulation medium material detection of sulfur hexafluoride.

11、Gas station

In explosion-proof places to detect natural gas, hydrogen sulfide, methane, propane, etc..

12、Gas station

Detect combustible gases

13、Water treatment

In the water plant, drinking water plant disinfectants for oxidative sterilization detection of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, etc.; in the wastewater treatment disinfectants for oxidative sterilization detection of methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc..


Medical gases such as oxygen station, liquid oxygen station in the detection of oxygen; carbon dioxide station to detect carbon dioxide; consumer supply center to detect ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc..

15、Aisle and parking lot

Vehicle tunnels and closed parking lots to detect toxic gases and natural gas.


Catering kitchens detect natural gas and other combustible gases.

17、Food Industry

Detect chlorine dioxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc. when sterilizing and preserving food; detect ammonia and other refrigerants in cold storage; detect ethanol gas when brewing in winery cellars.

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The above information about What does a 4 gas monitor detect? is shared here for you, because 4 gas monitor can detect four gases at the same time, compared with the installation cost of installing multiple gas detectors in the enterprise to save a lot. Especially for some large enterprises, the detection of four gases is more cost-effective.