What is a co2 monitor

Co2 monitor is a specialised instrument for monitoring carbon dioxide concentration in agriculture and other environments! It adopts handheld design, with compact size, flexible operation, easy to carry and other characteristics, users can carry to the field at any time for carbon dioxide monitoring. In addition, the instrument host also comes with a management cloud platform, for the monitoring of carbon dioxide and other related data can be uploaded to the platform through the wireless transmission mode, the user only needs a mobile phone APP or computer to view the data in real time! In addition to the carbon dioxide monitor also has a GPS positioning function, voice alarm function, etc., is an ideal carbon dioxide monitoring instrument!

Portable CO2 Monitor

Carbon dioxide monitor uses

Carbon dioxide monitors have a wide range of uses, in Smart Agriculture, field planting, greenhouse greenhouses, air quality monitoring in public places, including health epidemiological protection, environmental protection, scientific research departments, industrial emissions, agriculture and other environments are used!

NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Carbon dioxide monitor role

1, through the field or greenhouse and other scenes in the carbon dioxide content monitoring, you can ensure that the carbon dioxide concentration in the case of insufficient timely alarm, so as to use the gas fertiliser, to ensure that vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and other crops high yield;

2、Health and epidemic prevention, when the carbon dioxide concentration reaches a certain amount, you can start the exhaust system to make the air flow, input fresh air, and provide a good breeding environment for livestock growth;

3, to help agricultural workers to achieve scientific farming, reduce production risks, reduce energy consumption in the production process, and bring higher economic benefits for farmers.

Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00303

Carbon dioxide monitor function:

1, wireless communication function: carbon dioxide monitor host supports automatic uploading of measurement data, the instrument through the 5G/4G network mode of communication with the server, real-time sent to the server, on the web page to view the data, wherever you are as long as you can access the Internet, you can view and download the data.

2、Including mobile phone APP, support Android and Apple system, wherever you are, as long as you can access the Internet, you can view the real-time data.

3、Low power consumption design, increase system monitoring and protection measures to avoid system crash.

4, LCD display, can display the current date and time, carbon dioxide data, storage capacity, the number of stored data and other information.

5、Acquisition settings: used in the case of unattended use, can be set to collect carbon dioxide data at regular intervals, can also be collected manually.

6, voice settings: according to the need to set the voice broadcast function on / off / over the limit on.

7, voice alarm function: after the host voice is set to over-limit open, you can voice broadcast over-limit information.

8, the host can access different types of sensors through the hub, without affecting each other’s accuracy.

9, comes with GPS positioning function, the collection of carbon dioxide data can automatically display the geographical coordinates of the collection point.

10、Carbon dioxide monitor can expand the type and number of sensors.