What is an Alcohol Monitor?

An Alcohol Monitor is a device that tests the concentration of alcohol in the blood of a human being, the main purpose of which is to detect whether or not a driver has ingested alcohol and the severity of that ingestion. An Alcohol Monitor is a test tool used by the traffic police to detect whether or not a driver has consumed alcohol and to determine whether or not he/she has consumed alcohol or the severity of that consumption. The test can determine whether the driver has consumed alcohol or the severity of his/her drinking.

What is an Alcohol Monitor
What is an Alcohol Monitor

Effects of Alcohol Intake on Driving

When driving, we need to have complete control of our senses and be alert. It is important to act in the shortest possible time in the event of an unexpected situation, but alcohol can have a negative impact on this.

Alcohol is not digested like food but diffuses into the bloodstream through the stomach and intestinal walls. Alcohol is highly water-soluble and once it enters the body, it travels with the bloodstream to all parts of the body. As a result, all major organs and tissues, including the heart, brain, lungs, and muscles, will have the same concentration of alcohol as in the blood.

When alcohol enters the brain, it enhances the effects of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (i.e., gamma-aminobutyric acid), which causes brain cells to become sluggish in their responses and communication. In addition, alcohol impairs the efficiency of the cerebellum, which impairs visual and motor skills.

Electrochemical C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Module FS00701

Principle of Alcohol Monitor Detection:

After a person has consumed alcohol, the alcohol is absorbed by the body through the digestive system, and after blood circulation, about 90% of the alcohol is exhaled through the lungs, so by measuring the alcohol content in the exhaled breath, the degree of intoxication can be determined.

Alcohol Monitors can be categorized into Active Alcohol Detectors and Passive alcohol detectors, which actually consist of an Alcohol Sensor with a constant value resistor and a voltmeter or ammeter. If the concentration of alcohol gas exhaled by the driver is greater, then the voltage representation of the tester will be greater.

Electrochemical C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Module FS00702

Role of Alcohol Monitor

Alcohol Monitors can be used not only by traffic police but also on other occasions to detect the alcohol content in human breath. Such auxiliary detection tools can effectively reduce the emergence of major traffic accidents, to avoid the loss of personnel and property, especially some special positions, prohibited after drinking on duty, you can use this detector to carry out the test.

For driver drunk driving behavior detection, now there are two commonly used methods, one is to use the alcohol detector directly to detect the alcohol concentration of the driver’s exhaled gas, and the other method is through the way of blood sampling, that is, to detect the driver’s blood alcohol concentration inside. In comparison, the more accurate method is to test the blood alcohol content, but in the process of highway law enforcement, on-site blood testing is impractical, the use of the breathalyzer testing method will be more convenient.