Benzene gas monitor

A benzene gas monitor is an instrument designed to monitor the concentration of benzene gas in the air. Benzene is a colorless gas with a special aromatic odor, chemical formula C6H6, which has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a strong carcinogen, and is a major cause of the increase in childhood leukemia in recent years. This article mainly introduces the hazards of benzene gas and the working principle and application of a Benzene gas monitor.

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Industrial Gas Detector FS10201

Benzene gas hazards

  1. Harm to the human body: Benzene poisoning can lead to cancer, disability, and teratogenic hazards. Short-term inhalation of large amounts of benzene vapor can cause acute benzene poisoning, mainly manifested as central nervous system symptoms, such as tears, sore throat, cough and other mucous membrane irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, excitement, trance, staggering pace, and other drunkenness, the serious cases can appear coma, delusion, paroxysmal or tonic convulsions and other symptoms.
  2. Hazardous to the environment: benzene is volatile and spreads easily when exposed to the air, therefore, it is easy to cause excessive benzene content in indoor air. Inhalation of benzene liquid into the lungs can cause pulmonary edema and pulmonary hemorrhage.
  3. Hazard to the industry: Some low-grade and counterfeit paints are also important causes of excessive benzene content in indoor air.
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PID Benzene Sensor FS03101

Benzene gas monitor working principle

Benzene gas monitor adopts high-precision PID gas sensor and microcontroller technology. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability, and repeatability. Explosion-proof wiring for a variety of dangerous places, and compatible with a variety of control alarms, PLC, DCS, and other control systems, can be realized at the same time on-site alarm and early warning, standard RS485 signal and 4-20mA standard signal output, relay switch output; perfect display of various technical indicators and gas concentration; at the same time, with a variety of strong circuit protection functions, effectively prevent a variety of man-made factors, uncontrollable factors caused by damage to the instrument. Meanwhile, it has various strong circuit protection functions to effectively prevent the instrument from being damaged by various human factors and uncontrollable factors.

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4 Gas Monitor with Pump

Benzene gas monitor applications

Benzene gas detector is widely used in chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, printing, paint, and other industries, and can be used to detect whether there is benzene gas leakage in production, as well as whether there is benzene gas pollution in the environment. In addition, the Benzene gas monitor is also widely used in automobile exhaust emission measurement, urban air quality monitoring, and other fields.

Precautions for Benzene gas monitor

When using the benzene gas detector, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The detector should be calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy of its measurement results;
  2. Benzene gas detectors are also sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and airflow, and need to maintain a stable detection environment;
  3. Benzene gas is a toxic and hazardous gas, and safety precautions should be adopted as far as possible to avoid direct contact and inhalation of benzene gas.