Co2 sensor for home

If people live in an indoor environment with low air quality for a long time, it is easy to cause various diseases, and the incidence rate increases year by year. Now, with the improvement of people’s health awareness and environmental awareness, indoor air pollution has attracted great attention. The heat of Co2 sensor for home also rises accordingly.

The well-known problem of high CO2 concentrations. Under normal circumstances, the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air is relatively stable, with oxygen accounting for 21% and carbon dioxide accounting for 0.03%. Although carbon dioxide itself is not toxic, when the level of carbon dioxide in the air exceeds normal levels, the human body will feel groggy and uncomfortable.


If there are many people in the family, the air is not circulated, or there is gas or coal stove burning in the house, coupled with the CO2 emitted by human breathing, the oxygen content in the air will be relatively reduced, and the carbon dioxide concentration will increase, and the indoor people will have different degrees of poisoning symptoms .

Many people who often stay indoors like to turn on the air conditioner to ventilate, but the air purification effect of ordinary central air conditioners is poor, resulting in more indoor air pollutants, among which gaseous pollutants are carcinogenic and teratogenic to the human body, and microorganisms are easy to cause various allergies Diseases, under normal circumstances, the use of air conditioners with a certain air purification function can effectively purify the air.


In the past ten years or so, the requirements and standards for indoor air quality have been continuously improved at home and abroad. Correspondingly, a series of standards and norms have also been proposed. Especially in recent years, China has formulated and updated relevant standards for indoor heating and ventilation systems and indoor air quality. China’s relevant requirements for indoor air quality stipulate that the indoor CO2 concentration is always required to be lower than 1000ppm, and the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is usually kept at about 400ppm. The concentration of carbon dioxide is not only a factor that directly affects indoor air quality, but also directly reflects the number of people and activities in the air-conditioned environment.


The importance of keeping the CO2 concentration low is not only that it directly affects the working conditions of people in the environment, but also helps to improve people’s work efficiency. At the same time, it means that there is enough fresh air in the current environment, which greatly reduces the risk of building syndrome. The CO2 concentration index can also reflect the approximate state of other harmful gases in the current environment to a certain extent. Therefore, Co2 sensor for home plays an important role in the control of heating and ventilation systems. With a home co2 sensor, the amount of fresh air can be truly controlled on demand, complying with green building codes, and saving energy.


Therefore, the monitoring of air quality cannot be separated from the application of high-precision Co2 sensor for home. In addition, the realization of energy saving in heating and ventilation systems is also inseparable from the application of home co2 sensors. The heating and ventilation system can monitor the CO2 concentration value in the home in real time through the Co2 sensor for home, and introduce fresh air from the outside in time according to the current CO2 concentration, instead of keeping fresh air all the time, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.


According to relevant standards, the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide gas is closely related to the ventilation rate. A good ventilation system can not only effectively save precious energy, but also maintain good indoor air quality with high efficiency. Generally speaking, the ventilation control system based on Co2 sensor for home control can effectively save energy and ensure that the carbon dioxide content in the indoor air is always at a reasonable level. Next, we will introduce the principle and scenario application of a general intelligent small Co2 sensor for home.

The NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302 produced by Fosensor is a Co2 sensor for home that uses the principle of non-dispersive infrared NDIR to detect CO2 in the air. It has good selectivity and no oxygen dependence. It has a wider monitoring range and can be used for smart Home, building intelligent control, instrumentation and vehicle applications.

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