Co2 sensor module

Co2 sensor module, also called co2 gas sensor module, is a common electronic device used to detect the concentration of CO2 in the air. With the continuous development of science and technology, the improvement of people’s living standards and people’s increasing emphasis on environmental protection, quantitative monitoring and control of carbon dioxide gas has become a growing demand in air conditioning, agriculture, medical care, automobiles and environmental protection. . Carbon dioxide sensors have a wide range of applications in many fields such as industry, agriculture, national defense, medical and health care, environmental protection, and aerospace.


Type of Co2 sensor module

At present, there are many types of carbon dioxide sensor modules, which can be divided into thermal conductivity type, density meter type, radiation absorption type, conductivity type, chemical absorption type, electrochemical type, chromatography type, mass spectrometry type, infrared optical type, etc. in terms of their principles. : The co2 gas sensor module of electrochemical principle and infrared principle is used more.

Infrared co2 gas sensor module principle

The infrared co2 gas sensor module uses infrared for gas analysis. It is based on the different concentrations of the components to be analyzed, the absorbed radiation energy is different, and the remaining radiation energy causes the temperature in the detector to rise differently, and the two sides of the moving film film are affected The pressure is different, thereby generating an electrical signal of a capacitive detector, so that the concentration of the component to be analyzed can be indirectly measured

According to the different absorption bands of infrared radiation in gas, gas components can be analyzed. For example, carbon dioxide absorbs infrared light with wavelengths of 2.7um, 4.33um and 14.5um quite strongly, and the absorption spectrum is quite wide, that is, there are absorption bands. According to the experimental analysis, only the 4.33um absorption band is not affected by other components in the atmosphere, so this absorption band can be used to determine the CO2 content in the atmosphere.

The sensor uses the principle of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) to detect CO2 in the air. It has good selectivity and no oxygen dependence. It is widely used in various occasions where flammable and explosive gases exist.


Co2 sensor module is widely used in the following scenarios

Indoor air quality monitoring: CO2 gas sensor module can help monitor indoor CO2 concentration, improve indoor air quality, and prevent the impact of indoor air pollution on human health.

Industrial field: CO2 gas sensor module is often used in the monitoring and control of CO2 concentration in industrial processes, such as CO2 emissions in the production process of steel and cement.