Differences between industrial and residential combustible gas detectors

The Industrial Methane Sensor is an industrial combustible gas detector designed to detect flammable and explosive gases in industrial environments. Its technical parameters and functional characteristics are different from many civilian combustible gas detectors, civilian combustible gas detector is actually a household combustible gas detector specifically for home use.

FS01200B (5)
Catalytic Combustion Methane Sensor FS01200B
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Industrial Gas Detector FS10201

Combustible gas detector for residential use

Mainly for residential use, installed in the kitchen, the main purpose is to detect the use of gas leakage, so the quasi-quantitative performance of this type of detector compared with industrial-grade combustible detectors are relatively large differences. It is mainly for the leakage of non-accurate quantitative purposes, just to determine whether there is a leak, as for the leakage of the specific concentration of how large, there is no very accurate measurement belonging to the trend of measurement purposes. Once the detected leakage of combustible gases reaches the concentration of internal settings on the alarm, the accuracy of the concentration is poor. Another feature is not explosion-proof products, which basically belong to the non-explosion-proof products, because it is used in civilian households, but this class of combustible gas detectors is one of the biggest features is that the cost-effective is very high, compared with industrial combustible gas detectors, the price difference is very large.

Industrial Infrared Methane Sensor FS4NDIRCH4 (2)
Industrial Infrared Methane Sensor FS4NDIR/CH4
FS10201 (1)
Industrial Gas Detector FS10201

Industrial Combustible Gas Detectors

Industrial combustible gas detectors are functionally superior to residential combustible gas detectors in that they generally have their own independent display that shows the current combustible gas concentration. Its output function is also very much, such as 4-20MA current signal, voltage signal, RS485 interface, alarm relay signal and so on the configuration is more complete. The civilian basic combustible gas alarm is generally up to a group of alarm relay signals, its role is to detect gas leakage after some can go to the linkage cut off the gas switch, with solenoid valve interlock function. Otherwise, there are no extra functional characteristics.

Industrial combustible gas detector, according to the factory detection needs, multi-point layout, centralized monitoring, and remote centralized control of the matching alarm to do remote monitoring and management. Civilian products are in situ alarms, single-point independent alarm reminders only.

Civilian combustible gas detectors and industrial combustible gas detectors are also some areas of the subtle other. Careful friends can see that the name has a slight difference so that we can choose to buy when you can also make a preliminary judgment through the product name, which product belongs to the civilian, which belongs to industrial applications.