How often do air monitors need to be calibrated

The air detector is an instrument that detects gas concentration in the air environment. Its service life is related to the user’s operation, detection of environmental temperature and humidity, toxic gas corrosion and other factors. Long-term use of the detector and detector without calibration will cause the measured data to Inaccuracy will also affect the safety of people and property in the measurement area environment. So How often do air monitors need to be calibrated? Next, Fosensor will introduce this issue in detail.

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Why calibrate regularly?

In response to the question of Are air quality monitors accurate, we need to calibrate the instrument regularly, but how often does this calibration take place? The first question we need to clarify is why gas detectors need to be calibrated regularly. The accuracy of the gas detector depends on the sensor, and the sensor will produce zero point drift during use, thus causing errors in the measurement results. Therefore, gas detectors need to be calibrated every once in a while to ensure the accuracy of readings.

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How often do air monitors need to be calibrated?

The core of Air monitors is the sensor, and many sensors will lose 5% of their sensitivity every year under normal use. Use for more than two years will make the sensitivity loss more obvious. So the sensor typically lasts two years. Generally speaking, gas detectors can be calibrated once a year. However, if the gas concentration in the measurement environment is too high or the frequency of use is high, it is recommended that you calibrate it once every 3 to 6 months.

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Gas detector calibration method

Usually the calibration method used by Air monitors is manual calibration. Manual calibration of various types of gas detectors will involve the response degree of the test gas of known concentration. During the calibration process, attention should be paid to adjusting the degree to the same level. When the test gas parameters are consistent, the calibration is complete.


From the above content, we understand that the calibration cycle of air detectors is generally about one year. It can be calibrated once every 3-6 months depending on the frequency of use and the gas being monitored. Calibrating the instrument within this cycle can ensure that its measurement results are accurate. The method of instrument calibration is usually manual calibration. During the calibration process, you can operate according to the steps in the manual. During the use of the instrument, it is very necessary to calibrate it, and care should be taken not to damage the instrument during the calibration process to avoid damage to the gas detector caused by improper operations. The above is the introduction compiled by Fosensor on How often do air monitors need to be calibrated. Usually, the calibration cycles and methods of air monitors sold by most manufacturers do not differ much.