How to monitor office building air quality

As we all know, air pollutants are important factors affecting the quality of the indoor environment in the office building. how can you measure air pollution is an important issue in environmental protection, closed environment PM2.5, PM10, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, TVOC and other indoor pollutants exceeding the standard, will cause strong discomfort to the human body, which will lead to a series of diseases. It can be said that there is a great health risk. Various studies have shown that people are more willing to accept a healthy and pollution-free, fresh air, plants and greenery office environment. A beautiful office environment can significantly improve the physical and mental health of employees and increase work efficiency.

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How to monitor office building air quality?

  1. Choose the indoor air testing organization

Generally speaking, new or completed office buildings will choose a third-party testing organization to do the overall test of the indoor environment so in the process of choosing to pay attention to the selection of qualified third-party environmental testing organizations, certified by the technical supervision departments and industry bodies engaged in environmental monitoring for a long time.

  1. Installation of indoor air quality monitor

Installation of indoor air quality detector can easily solve this problem. Indoor air detector is mainly composed of environmental monitoring terminal, gas collection system, internal microcomputer processing system and built-in wireless transmitter module. It is mainly divided into two types: wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. The most important function is to use the built-in high-precision sensor. Real-time online collection of all kinds of pollutants in indoor air. Through the internal fixed calculation and processing system, the pollutant index data will be displayed on the screen or cell phone APP in real time, so that everyone can understand the air quality of their indoor environment at any time. When the pollutant index exceeds the limited threshold, they will be notified by sending SMS or color warning, manually opening windows for ventilation or linking with the fresh air ventilation system, etc., and the ventilation function will be automatically turned on to ensure fresh indoor air.

  1. The test box allows simple self-monitoring.

If the usual air monitoring data on their own office or have questions, you can use a simple tool such as formaldehyde test box test can be. Specific steps are as follows: seal the doors and windows for 2 hours, and then use a syringe to collect the sample gas, oxygen into the test, check the color change of the test substance, pay attention to the color change value of the high and low, compared with the standard value, to find out whether the pollutants exceeded the standard. This method cannot accurately determine the indoor pollutant indicators and is for reference only.

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The above three methods are currently the common methods for monitoring air quality in office premises. Taken together, the recommended indoor air quality monitor is real-time online monitoring anytime, anywhere, 24 hours to ensure that the indoor air environment can be visualized. It can be said to be a cost-effective way. Compared to the time-consuming and costly third-party environmental monitoring organizations and self-monitoring, it is undoubtedly a suitable means for the current environment of educational institutions, offices, shopping malls, hotels and other environments. If you want to know the air quality of your surrounding work environment, you can try indoor air quality tester.