Incubator co2 sensor gas concentration monitoring

CO2 sensors for biological incubators are an integral part of scientific instruments used to grow cell cultures by optimizing the environmental conditions for cell growth. The instrument is also known by other names including carbon dioxide incubator and carbon dioxide bio-incubator. The Incubator co2 sensor itself is used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide present in the bio-incubator. More specifically, it measures the concentration of carbon dioxide gas inside the incubator in %vol and is usually set to 5% CO2. It is commonly used in biological research laboratories where cell cultures and other microorganisms need to be grown.

NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Role of CO2 in CO2 Incubator

1, CO2 in the incubator can play a role in insulation, so that the temperature is controlled in the right range, the principle is similar to the greenhouse effect.

2, the culture medium has Na2CO3, as a buffer, to maintain pH in the appropriate range , the principle is that in the case of Na2CO3, hydrogen ions, hydroxide ions will react with it, so as to control the PH.

3、Promote cell division, cellular respiration and photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide is both a metabolic product of the cell, a necessary component of cell growth, and related to maintaining the pH of the culture medium. In the process of cell culture, with the increase of CO2 gas release, the medium will become acidic, so often add NaHCO3 to adjust the pH. NaHCO3 has a tendency to release CO2, adding CO2 can inhibit this reaction. The concentration of CO2 in the incubator should be balanced with the concentration of NaHCO3 in the culture medium, and in cell culture, a ratio of 5% CO2 gas is appropriate. Therefore, to maintain this balance, a CO2 gas sensor is used.

Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00303

Carbon dioxide incubator working principle

Carbon dioxide gas sensor is used to detect the concentration of CO2 in the box, the detection results will be transmitted to the control circuit and solenoid valve and other control devices, if the detection of low concentration of CO2 in the box, the solenoid valve will be opened, the CO2 into the box until the concentration of CO2 reaches the concentration of the set, at this time the solenoid valve is closed, the box is cut off the CO2, to reach a stable state.

Solid-state electrolyte CO2 Module FS00306

Requirements of Incubator co2 sensor

The CO2 gas sensor used in the cell incubator should have good responsiveness, accuracy and stability. Because there are always uncertain changes in the incubator, which may negatively affect the culture, it is crucial to know when and to what extent the CO2 concentration changes and be able to react accordingly. Due to the high humidity environment, methods also need to be put in place to mitigate the effects of high humidity levels, especially during sterilization, where condensation on the sensor can cause the gas sensor to report inaccurate results. Having a fast Incubator co2 sensor not only detects changes in CO2 gas levels, but incubator settings can also be adjusted in near real time, thus reducing the chance of the incubator environment deviating from the norm.