Indoor Aqi monitor monitoring system

Monitoring indoor AQI is an important measure to safeguard indoor health. Once the temperature and humidity, PM10, PM2.5, etc. exceed the standard, there will be a potential threat to human health. Therefore, through online monitoring of indoor AQI, we can grasp the indoor environmental data in a timely manner, detect and eliminate potential health risks at an early stage, and safeguard the health and safety of the body.

Indoor Aqi monitor system
Indoor Aqi monitor monitoring system

What is AQI?

The AQI, also known as the Air Quality Index or Air Pollution Index, is a simplification of the routinely monitored concentrations of several air pollutants into the form of a single conceptual index value based on the ambient air quality standards and the effects of each pollutant on human health, ecology, and the environment.

FS00802G (7)
Air Quality Monitor

Indoor AQI monitor system structure

The indoor AQI monitor system consists of a management cloud platform, monitoring devices, a communication network, and other parts. Through Air Quality Sensors, Temperature and Humidity sensors, and other sensing devices, it obtains indoor air quality conditions and transmits them to the management cloud platform for real-time control, data management, and chart generation through various communication methods, realizing 24-hour automatic and continuous monitoring of ambient air quality. Combined with centralized management, remote alarm, cloud configuration, data management, and other functions, it can automatically monitor the air quality online in hospitals, schools, offices, and other spaces.

Air quality monitoring station FS00807
Air quality monitoring station FS00807

Functional Features

Online monitoring:

24-hour uninterrupted collection of temperature and humidity, differential pressure, PM10, PM2.5, CO2, and other parameters to measure air quality, can be combined with specific application scenarios, the installation of various types of parameters air monitoring module. Monitoring parameters can be displayed on cell phones, computers, tablets, and other information terminals to grasp the monitoring situation in real-time. Support access to LCD display, and visualization of indoor area detection data.

Self-organizing network:

For electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, and other business sectors to monitor the surrounding environment, support for self-organized network, in a region to form a complete network for real-time sampling and analysis of ambient air, to achieve timely mastery of the current situation of air quality in a region.

Automatic alarm:

Affected by atmospheric flow and other influences, the measured value of various types of indicators of air quality, once exceeded, the system automatically sends out an early warning to the platform information, sound and light, voice, and other ways to notify the staff to take timely measures to intervene, as soon as possible time to eliminate environmental safety hazards.

Linkage control:

In commercial complexes, office buildings, hospitals, and other large population flows, air interference occasions, support according to the monitoring parameters, linkage control of exhaust fans, fresh air machines, air conditioning, and other equipment start, stop and adjust, coordinate building automation, ventilation, and exhaust system work, to avoid air pollution.

Data management:

The cloud platform automatically collects and transmits, real-time monitoring of air environment quality parameters, online data query, export, download report statistics, early warning events, and other historical records, which can be customized according to different needs, and the display time period is divided into real-time status value, nearly one hour value, nearly 24-hour value and so on.