Landfill gas monitoring program

Background and Significance

With the acceleration of urbanization, waste disposal has become an important part of city management. As a common waste disposal method, landfill gas is becoming more and more concerned about its safety and environmental friendliness. If the gas produced by landfills is directly discharged without proper treatment, it will not only pollute the surrounding environment, but also may be harmful to the health of the residents. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop a set of scientific and effective Landfill gas monitoring program to ensure the safe operation of landfills and protect the ecological environment.

4 in1 Gas Detector FS11301

Detection Objectives

Through regular testing of the gases generated by the landfill, to analyze their main components, concentrations and change trends, in order to assess their impact on the surrounding environment and residents’ health, and to provide a basis for the day-to-day management and improvement of the landfill.

FS01200B (1)
Catalytic Combustion Methane Sensor FS01200B

Detection content and method

Gas analysis system:

The whole set of equipment is designed as an outdoor type, which can be placed in the open air for use. The equipment is equipped with touch screen, pumping pump, filtering system, explosion-proof grade: Ex d IIC T6. protection grade IP66, detection accuracy ≤ ±3%, LCD display content: measuring gas name, real-time value, 50-segment bar graph displaying the real-time gas concentration, gas full scale range, gas internal parameters, external 4-20mA and RS485 signal output, as well as switching control signals. Adopting advanced instruments such as gas pre-processing and analysis system and wireless transmission gas detector, it samples the gases generated in the landfill, then dehumidifies, filters, drains and analyzes them, mainly detecting methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

Gas concentration detection:

Portable all-in-one gas detector can be utilized to regularly detect the concentration of harmful gases in the air around the landfill to ensure that it does not exceed the relevant national standards. Trend analysis: Combined with historical data, analyze the trend of gas composition and concentration, and predict the possible changes in the future, the portable all-in-one gas detector can be used for mobile detection of oxygen, combustible gases, toxic and hazardous gases in the landfill, etc., and it can be flexibly matched with different kinds of sensors, up to 4 kinds, and the main detecting principles are electrochemical, infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity and PID. etc. The detector adopts high-precision sensor combined with high-speed, high-precision processing circuit, with stable signal, high precision, good repeatability and other advantages. The instrument has built-in 3000mAH lithium battery with long standby time. The instrument has real-time concentration display, real-time curve, real-time alarm status, alarm threshold setting, zero calibration, concentration calibration and other basic functions, but also has a history of data storage, history of the alarm storage, data viewing and export and other mainstream functions.

FS02001 (3)
Toxic Sensor

Detection frequency and cycle

In order to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data, it is recommended to carry out comprehensive testing once a quarter, and according to the results of the test and the trend of change, timely adjustment of the frequency of testing, and regular professional training for testing personnel to improve their professional skills and safety awareness. Regular maintenance and calibration of testing equipment to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

FS01501 (3)
Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Gas Sensor Module FS01501

Program Summary

Through the implementation of this Landfill gas monitoring program, the composition, concentration and trend of landfill gas can be comprehensively grasped to provide strong support for the daily management and improvement of the landfill. In the future, Fosensor will continue to optimize and improve the monitoring solution with the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, so as to make greater contributions to the environmental protection and safety of landfills.