Methane detection sensor

Methane detection sensor is a kind of gas sensor, which is mainly used for safety detection in coal mines. The specific application places are working faces, goaf areas, etc. Compared with other sensor types, methane gas detection sensors have more stable performance and are simpler to use. So when detecting methane gas, which type of sensor will have better results? Next, Fosensor will introduce it to you in detail!

What sensor is used to detect methane gas?

Methane, commonly known as gas, is widely distributed in nature. It is also the main component of natural gas, pit gas, biogas, etc. Although it is the simplest organic matter, its effects are very great.


When detecting the concentration of methane gas, we can use a professional Methane detection sensor, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the detection process.

The Methane detection sensor uses a high-resolution microcontroller, and the measured values are accurate and reliable. It also has an automatic zero stabilization function; the operation is also relatively simple. It is not difficult to find that existing Methane detection sensors generally suffer from the shortcomings of large power consumption, single function, and low accuracy. Moreover, they use analog circuit technology, resulting in low anti-interference ability and low intelligence of the system. Therefore, it is of great application value to have a highly reliable Methane detection sensor that is easy to carry, high-precision, multi-functional, and has strong anti-interference ability.

The principle of Methane detection sensor

The Methane detection sensor has an automatic zeroing function, extremely stable performance, and is relatively easy to use. This is determined by its working principle. The Methane detection sensor generally uses a carrier catalytic element as the detection element. A weak signal proportional to the methane content is generated. After being amplified by a multi-stage amplification circuit, an output signal is generated and sent to the A/D conversion input port of the microcontroller to convert the analog signal into a digital signal. Then the microcontroller processes this signal and implements functions such as display and alarm.


Introduction to the characteristics of Methane detection sensor

1.The Methane detection sensor uses a high-resolution microcontroller, which ensures that the measurement values are accurate and reliable:

2.It has the function of automatic zero stabilization:

3.Calibration has higher reliability, more stable performance, and is simpler and more convenient to use:


Methane gas is a very important fuel. It is also the main component of natural gas. Its value is very large. The detection of this gas is also a major direction in scientific research. The emergence of Methane detection sensor will promote human development. Development work on methane gas!