PID sensor gas detector

PID (volatile organic detector) sensor gas detector is a device widely used for gas detection, capable of detecting and measuring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. It plays an important role in many fields such as environmental protection, industrial safety and emergency response.

FS03101 (3)
PID Benzene Sensor FS03101

PID sensor gas detector working principle

With the widespread use of industry and chemicals, volatile organic compounds have become a major source of pollution in the air. PID sensor gas detectors have become an important tool for monitoring and managing these compounds due to their high efficiency and accuracy. Its principle is based on ultraviolet photoionization technology. When the target compound receives ultraviolet radiation, ions are generated, which in turn forms an electric current. The concentration of the compound is determined by measuring the size of the electric current.

FS00603 (2)
Semiconductor TVOC Sensor FS00603

PID sensor gas detectorapplication

PID sensor gas detector is widely used in different fields. In environmental monitoring, it can be used to detect volatile organic compounds in industrial waste gas to help control and reduce air pollution. In terms of industrial safety, these instruments are often used to monitor harmful gases in places such as chemical plants, oil and gas industries, and sewage treatment plants to ensure a safe working environment. In addition, in emergency situations, such as fire accidents, PID sensors are also used to quickly detect the concentration of harmful gases in the air to provide key information for rescue operations.

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MEMS TVOC Sensor FS00600B

Advantages of PID sensor gas detector

The advantages of PID sensor gas detector are its high sensitivity, fast response speed and ability to detect a variety of volatile organic compounds. It is able to identify various compounds such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, etc. with excellent measurement accuracy and reliability. In addition, its portable design and user-friendly interface make operation and data interpretation easier, making it easy for people from different professional fields to use.

However, although PID sensor gas detectors have many advantages, they also have some limitations. For example, impurities in certain polymer compounds or under specific environmental conditions may affect its accuracy. Therefore, before use, you need to understand its applicable scope and limitations, and use and calibrate it reasonably according to the actual situation.


To sum up, PID sensor gas detector, as an important gas monitoring equipment, plays an indispensable role in environmental protection, industrial safety and emergency response. Its efficiency, accuracy and portability make it a powerful tool for ensuring environmental safety in all walks of life. With the continuous development of technology, PID sensor gas detector will definitely play a greater role in various fields and create a cleaner and safer living environment for us.