Application of gas sensors in smart hoods

With the continuous development of China’s scientific field, the birth and popularization of smart home has significantly improved the quality of life of social residents. Intelligent range hoods, as the main representative of smart homes, not only enhance the performance of smoking, but also realize the transformation of automation and intelligence, making people’s daily life more convenient. In order to make intelligent range hoods play a better effect, designers often use the characteristics of sensing technology, which is integrated into the design of intelligent range hoods. The intelligent range hood realizes the qualitative improvement, and is widely used in the kitchen of social residents by virtue of many advantages. I use the characteristics and advantages of intelligent range hoods, combined with the main structure of intelligent range hoods, the specific application of sensing technology in intelligent range hoods.

Application of gas sensors in smart hoods
Application of gas sensors in smart hoods

Intelligent range hood features and advantages


Compared with traditional range hoods, intelligent range hoods have a higher level of automation. In the process of using traditional range hoods, the entire operation steps need to be manually completed by the user. Although the manual operation is very simple, but with the continuous development of automation technology, this traditional operation can not meet the needs of modern residents. Intelligent range hoods with internal automation technology, can realize the effect of automatic control. Users do not need to operate, but also to make the intelligent range hood to play a good effect, to provide users with a good and comfortable cooking environment.

2, remote control

Smart range hoods in addition to the advantages of automation, remote control is also a highlight. With the development of network technology, users can connect the smart range hood with the family wireless network, and in accordance with their own wishes to manipulate the smart range hood users can be at home in any location, the smart range hood operation, but also in the outdoor activities to control the smart range hood at home. The effect of remote control not only expands the user’s operating space, but also provides users with a good and convenient experience.

3、Intelligent system

In order to improve the quality of daily life, many social residents use a combination of intelligent devices to establish a whole set of intelligent systems at home. Through the connection between intelligent devices, it can bring users a more comfortable and convenient experience. As an important part of the intelligent system, smart range hoods are often used in conjunction with smart rice cookers, smart dishwashers and smart juicers to bring users a new enjoyment of life.

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Specific applications of sensing technology in intelligent range hoods

1.Thermal sensor

The use of thermal sensors in intelligent range hoods can provide an additional layer of security for the safety of residents’ lives. Because when cooking in the kitchen, the oil temperature is usually too hot. Although the overheating of the oil will cause the temperature of the surrounding environment to change, there will not be a concentration of excessive oil smoke. In this case, the gas sensor cannot effectively detect the surrounding environment, putting the lives of the residents in danger. Thermal sensors can test the temperature of the surrounding environment and send correct instructions to the control system to ensure the safety of the residents.

2.Photosensitive Sensor

The photosensitive sensor of the smart range hood is mainly used to adjust the control panel of the smart range hood automatically according to the light intensity of the surrounding environment. So that the control panel of the intelligent range hood, to maintain a long-term stable brightness, to provide residents with convenient use. By adjusting the brightness of the control panel of the intelligent range hood, it can not only enhance the residents’ experience, but also play a role in saving electricity, and comply with the principle of green environmental protection.

3.Infrared temperature sensor – automatic adjustment of air volume

Now the smart hood, has been able to control the hood through automatic detection to open the light and gear size, truly free hands. This function is the use of thermopile temperature measurement principle to automatically identify the temperature of the fan-shaped area at both ends of the gas stove, and then through the algorithm of intelligent control, to realize the wind volume with the smoke to adjust, to achieve precise automatic control.

4.Pressure monitoring sensor–Refuse the backflow of grease and smoke

In urban high-rise housing, once the peak cooking hours, the communal flue is also easy to “traffic jam”, which will lead to their own smoke can not be discharged smoothly, the smoke of other households will also be “pressed” into their own kitchens, the phenomenon of back-up, cascading smoke. Through the public flue pressure changes in the automatic sensing, when the exhaust smoke is not smooth, resistance becomes large, automatically increase the speed of the pressure, to ensure that the exhaust smoke unimpeded, in addition to the oil smoke more clean, more thorough.

5.Gas Detection Sensor – Intelligent Management of Kitchen Air

Oil smoke contains a variety of carcinogenic compounds, not only will damage the respiratory system is also easy to cause cancer, and equipped with the Air Quality Sensor smart hood with intelligent ventilation function. It will automatically detect harmful substances in the kitchen air, such as cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene, alcohol, hydrogen and so on. Once harmful gases are detected, it will automatically turn on the intelligent ventilation button to change the air in time and completely remove the harmful gases.