CO2 gas monitor type principle

A CO2 gas monitor is a kind of safety instrument device specialized in measuring CO2 gas leakage or concentration monitoring, its main working principle is to rely on the built-in sensor core components to identify and detect the gas concentration in the environment when the gas concentration passes the set safety value, it will automatically issue an alarm to effectively remind the operator. However, the traditional carbon dioxide detector distinction between fixed, online, portable, gas detection systems and other types of products, then you distinguish between the various types of instruments have a comprehensive understanding of it? Let Fosensor bring you to understand!

NDIR CO2 Sensor Module FS00302

Fixed type

Fixed CO2 gas monitor is a kind of fixed gas monitoring and alarming device, which is usually installed in the place where the pollution source or leakage source is monitored online 24 hours a day, and as long as the power is turned on, the monitoring work will be carried out all the time. Fixed CO2 gas monitor built-in high-precision sensors, can be recognized to monitor the micro-content PPM level gas concentration value, when the monitoring gas concentration or leakage exceeds the standard, it will automatically sound and light alarm, and can be built-in relay automatically linked to the exhaust fan, blower to exclude the danger, and are compatible with the connection of gas alarm controller, PLC, DCS, DDC and other upstream computer system applications.

FS10201 (1)
Fixed CO2 gas monitor

Portable type

Portable CO2 gas monitor is a fast and specialized gas concentration measurement of professional instruments, the product just a key to boot, within 3 seconds can be real-time detection of gas concentration in the air, when the site is measured gas reaches the preset alarm point, it will automatically sound and light alarm, can be described as a good helper for factory inspections. Portable CO2 gas monitor appearance is small, can be convenient waist-mounted, chest-mounted and other ways to carry, more flexible, suitable for on-site environments go voyage 360 ℃ all-round gas detection work.

Portable air quality monitor (6)
Portable CO2 gas monitor

Carbon dioxide online monitoring system

Carbon dioxide air quality monitoring system is a professional safety monitoring instrument that can monitor online 24 hours a day, the product set of gas sampling, gas interference, flow control, real-time concentration display, wireless data uploading, environmental protection networking, gas filtration, local sound and light alarms, equipment linkage and other functions as a whole.

Carbon dioxide air quality monitoring system supports 4-20mA, RS485, LoraWan and other wireless communication methods. It can be used with fans, valves, sprinkler systems and other equipment in the factory to realize linkage through internal switching signals, instantly alarming when the monitored gas exceeds the standard and starting/shutting down the linkage equipment at the same time.

Air quality monitoring station FS00807
Air quality monitoring station FS00807

Carbon dioxide detector technology principle description

CO2 gas monitor routine measurement co2 gas, preferred NDIR CO2 Sensor, which uses the principle of gas absorption of infrared chromatography, the principle of operation is infrared light from the transmitting end to the receiving end, when there is a gas, the infrared light is absorbed, and the infrared light received will be reduced, so as to detect the gas content. Almost can be said to be now more perfect a sensor, infrared sensor principle it has quite good anti-interference, high precision, high resolution, long service life, easy maintenance and other characteristics. So it is very suitable for detecting gases such as CO2 carbon dioxide and some low carbon chain hydrocarbons.