PM10 dust monitor

Dust is a very common microscopic particulate matter, usually referred to as PM10 for particles with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of fewer than 10 micrometers, also known as respirable particulate matter (RPM) or dust. Dust is everywhere in the atmosphere where we live, usually, we can’t see it just because the concentration is small, once the concentration of dust reaches a certain amount, it will cause great harm to human health and production equipment, and in serious cases, it may cause an explosion, resulting in human and economic losses. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of enterprise production, it is necessary to install and deploy a PM10 detector, always grasp the workshop dust concentration size, and there should be too much dust when the response plan and processing measures.

Online PM10 dust monitor

Online PM10 dust monitor is an industrial CT6 explosion-proof level design dust measuring instrument, the product can simultaneously detect 1-6 kinds of target gases, the conventional detection range of 0-1000ug/m3, 0-3000ug/m3, built-in laser heat dissipation sensor technology principle, the accuracy of 3-5% or less, the service life of 3-5 years.PM10 detector Suitable for simultaneous detection of pm2.5/pm10 dust particles, real-time 24-hour online monitoring of dust, every 5 seconds to refresh the data with the same, you can real-time query the specific concentration of the site environment. With powerful sound and light alarm function, and can be freely set low, medium, and high three alarms, when the monitoring dust concentration reaches a dangerous value, it will be the first time the sound and light alarm, prompts personnel to evacuate safely.

industrial dust
industrial dust

Internet of Things

Online PM10 dust monitor supports wireless transmission function, not affected by the distance of the monitoring location, can be connected to the Internet of Things platform through wireless GPRS, WIF, Bluetooth, and other transmission signals, bound to the computer PC terminal or mobile phone APP client, real-time view, analysis or export monitoring data. In addition, there are multi-gas detection needs, PM10 detector support can be customized multi-probe combination, optional 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1, 6-in-1, and other detection products.

Product Features

1. PM10 detector built-in 2 groups of passive contact relays, to reach the preset alarm point when the intelligent start-stop related linkage settings, automatically eliminate dangerous situations.

2. 2.4-inch high-definition LCD screen, real-time display of the detection of gas, detection units, detection of concentration values, temperature, humidity, alarm records, and other information.

3. Through the explosion-proof, metrological certification (can issue verification report)

4. Industrial grade sensor, accurate measurement.

5. Infrared remote control, can be free to open the cover of the detector for alarm point, zero point adjustment, and target point adjustment.

FS10201 (1)
Industrial Gas Detector FS10201

Technical Principle

1. Laser light scattering principle

PM10 detector laser light scattering technology principle is the use of airflow particles reflected from the flash frequency and duration to measure the content of particles, which has a great advantage over other technologies, light scattering technology in the airflow of humidity caused by the error is greatly reduced to an insignificant level.

2. Light Absorption Principle

PM10 detector light absorption technology principle: when the light wave through the linear material, interacts with the material, part of the light wave is absorbed by the medium, and converted into heat; part of the medium is scattered, deviating from the original direction of propagation, the rest of the part is still according to the original direction of propagation through the medium. Through the part of the light intensity and incident light intensity in line with Lambert’s law. The light absorption dust concentration sensor is based on Lambert’s law, through the measurement of the incident light intensity and the outgoing light intensity, after the calculation of the dust concentration, the method has the characteristics of measuring accurately in the case of high dust concentration.

Air quality monitoring station FS00807 (5)
Air quality monitoring station FS00807

Selection Tips

1. As the production workshop is mostly an explosion-proof place, the first thing to consider in the selection of a PM10 detector is to be explosion-proof, from the safety point of view, try to meet the gas explosion and dust explosion-proof dual certification.

2. The places of dust medium are different, and the lower limit of its explosion is not the same, according to the specific medium to choose the appropriate range. For example, feed mills, flour mills, breweries, and other high-dust environments, PM10 detector is recommended to choose the range 0-3000mg/m3.

Installation and layout instructions

Fixed PM10 detector installation is recommended to use a 4-20mA wiring system to layout, because the advantages of a wiring system, and data synchronization are good! Compared with the bus system, the split-wire system of each probe individually with the control host communication, can be the scene of the situation in time to transmit to the control part, so that the monitor can make a timely and effective judgment, make the appropriate control action, to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.