What does an o2 sensor do?

Automobile O2 sensor function

Automotive O2 sensor is divided into front oxygen sensor and rear oxygen sensor. In addition to the different installation parts, the role in the exhaust system is also different.

1.The role of the front O2 sensor. Its main function is feedback, by detecting the oxygen content in the exhaust gas generated after the combustion of the cylinder mixture, and transmitting different electrical signals to the ECU. If the oxygen content is too low, it means that the mixed gas is too rich; if the oxygen content is too high, it means that the mixed gas is too thin. After ECU receives different electrical signals, it can make different corrections to the mixed gas through information.

2.The role of the rear O2 sensor. Its function is mainly to check the purification effect of the three-way catalytic converter, that is, the oxygen content in the exhaust gas after purification, and feed back the value to the ECU, and compare the data fed back by the front oxygen sensor with the data of the rear oxygen sensor through the computer. Compare. If the front oxygen signal is the same as the rear oxygen signal, it means that the three-way catalytic converter has failed, and the engine fault light will still be on, and the three-way catalytic system needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Oxygen Concentration Sensor for Oxygen Concentrator

A medical oxygen concentrator is a medical device that delivers oxygen to a patient. A typical medical oxygen concentrator consists of a compressor, absorption tower with air filter, electrical circuit, product tank, and regulator. Medical oxygen concentrators differ from machines that deliver compressed oxygen from tanks that are filled in a separate location. Instead, oxygen concentrators draw standard room air, filter out nitrogen and other gases, and deliver oxygen to the patient.

In high-altitude and low-altitude areas (more than 4,000 meters above sea level), the ambient air is extremely thin, and the oxygen content per unit volume decreases, and the oxygen molecules in the air breathed by people also decrease accordingly. Without external intervention, the oxygen content will change from the plain low area The oxygen partial pressure drops from 21Kpa to 13Kpa, and the extreme temperature of the environment may also drop to -40 degrees Celsius at this time. The vehicle-mounted oxygen concentrator works in such a harsh environment, and the o2 sensor is required to monitor whether the oxygen content reaches the standard in real time.

Environmental O2 sensor

O2 sensors and oxygen monitors are designed to measure the amount of oxygen in the air or in a closed environment. Fresh air at standard temperature and pressure contains 20.95% oxygen (209,5000 ppm). OSHA defines air with less than 19.5% oxygen as oxygen-deficient air and air with more than 22% oxygen as oxygen-enriched air.

Most commonly used O2 sensors and oxygen monitors can measure 0-21% oxygen and can be used to measure oxygen consumption. 0-25% or 30% O2 sensor can also be used to measure oxygen-enriched air.