What is tvoc sensor?

Before answering What is tvoc sensor, let’s talk about what TVOC is: Usually, we call formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene and other volatile gases in the indoor environment TVOC gases. TVOC comes from a wide range of sources. It can cause serious indoor air pollution, cause imbalances in the body’s immune system, and affect central nervous system functions, leading to dizziness, headache, lethargy, weakness, and chest tightness. It can also affect the digestive system, causing loss of appetite, nausea, etc. In severe cases, it can damage the liver and hematopoietic system, and cause allergic reactions.

TVOC sensor principle

After understanding what TVOC is, let’s talk about the principle of TVOC sensor, as shown below:

The principle of TVOC sensor is based on gas sensing technology, which can judge the quality of indoor air by detecting the concentration of TVOC in indoor air. Inside the sensor is a special material that, when it comes into contact with the TVOC, undergoes a chemical reaction that generates an electrical signal. This electrical signal will be processed by the circuit inside the sensor, and finally converted into a digital signal and output to the display.


The detection range of TVOC sensors is usually between 0-5000ppb, which can detect small changes in TVOC concentration in indoor air. The accuracy and sensitivity of the sensor is very high, and it can detect the change of TVOC concentration in the indoor air in a short time. Sensor response times typically range from seconds to minutes, depending on the model and brand of sensor. Fosensor is a professional sensor manufacturers with more than 17 years of production experience.

TVOC sensor application environment

TVOC sensors are widely used in indoor air quality detection, industrial production, environmental monitoring and other fields. In indoor air quality detection, TVOC sensors can help people understand the quality of indoor air and take timely measures to improve the indoor environment. In industrial production, TVOC sensors can detect the concentration of harmful gases in the production process to ensure the health and safety of workers. In environmental monitoring, TVOC sensors can detect the concentration of TVOC in the atmosphere and help people understand the situation of environmental pollution.

TVOC sensor is a very important sensor, it can help people understand the quality of indoor air and protect people’s health and safety. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application range of TVOC sensors will become wider and wider, bringing more convenience and safety to people’s life and work.

How to eliminate TVOC?

① Check the pollution source and control the pollution source: Use environmentally friendly materials for decoration as much as possible. If a certain home is found to be a pollution source, you can move the pollution source to a ventilated place to stand still, or move the purification equipment to the side of the pollution source to purify as soon as possible.

②High temperature: High temperature can dissipate TVOC from the material as soon as possible, and it can be effectively removed with ventilation.

③Ventilation: Ensure continuous ventilation, and can also continuously take away organic compounds.

④ Use air purification equipment with a strong ability to remove TVOC. Generally speaking, the higher the carbon content of the filter element, the stronger the TVOC removal ability will be. For the specific ability to continuously remove TVOC, you need to refer to the CADR value and CCM level of TVOC marked on the machine.